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  • passolidda passolidda Dec 24, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    I hope I’m wrong with my assessment.

    LEDs are conventionally made on a relatively costly substrate of silicon carbide or sapphire. Bridgelux has come up with a new process that takes advantage of existing fabrication machines used to make silicon computer chips, potentially cutting LED production costs by 75 percent, according to the company.
    In addition, with the introduction of gorilla 2 glass and other scratch resistant coatings, makes the viability of sapphire for mobile device screens questionable.

    Hydraulic Fracking opening up vast amounts of gas and oil. The United States now rivals Russia as the world's top gas producer, in large part due to fracking ... In addition, fracking will make U.S. a major oil exporter. This will hinder the advances PV Solar was making in approaching parity with electric utilities.
    Solar farms where there is no space restriction; thin film solar cells are used – not good for GTAT.

    Now, I have doubts about GTAT... Even if shorts start covering the 31% GTAT short position –
    maybe moving the stock price up, I fear their products may not have sustainability. Hope I’m wrong.

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    • I don't know, looks like the bear case on this company has solidified. I wouldn't add to a long position even if held long term. My own position is at a cost average of $4.00, which I may never recover. I picked this up as a 4-5 year hold, my entry points were at $4.4 in June and some more $3.5 recently. Those seemed to be bargain prices at the time. But I am worried the price movement here is actually justified and will not reverse any time soon.

      I do not intend to make any further adjustments to this position at all. Anyway, here's to hoping I can get my $4/shr back in 2016.

      Sentiment: Hold