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  • wallsttrickster wallsttrickster Jan 18, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    It's so cheap that insiders are still not buying.

    You have to loveed the beautiful ride down the mountain.

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    • obviously insiders dont want anything to do with this junk . And because they dont , thats not a real pretty picture for those of us who wished they had never heard of this lousy investment .

    • loved, as in past tense. is that peoples' bear thesis? would substantial insider buys generate a sufficient level of new consideration by investors to sustain a short squeeze to 5+?

      Insider buying =/= oversold, insider selling =/= overbought IMO. Instead of paying themselves and then buying gtat shares, there are more tax efficient ways to incentivize management.

      Also, I didn't buy until the $3 level (which I think is fair value), so I wouldn't expect insiders to either. Maybe the insiders don't recognize the bullish technical setup forming around the stock right now.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • They don't need to buy their RSU form 4's just came out a few days ago and Iggi if you think that the only factor in how many shares they get is the number of shares I think you could be incorrect.

        I could very well be wrong but I would put nothing past them lining their pockets.

        I'm sure they work very hard but who was the genius that thought buying back shares at $8 was a good deal for shareholders. I wonder if this helped Sr. Management meet their numbers in any way.

        Still plenty long here but I am more of a doubting Thomas now with this crew.

        The objective is to make money, just ask the Sr. management of this company. They know that all too well.