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  • chelle3095 chelle3095 Mar 19, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Yet another close at the low of the day

    and the volume is atrocious. Unfortunately, I fear there is not enough interest and support to keep us from retesting and likely breaking through the floor to new lows. I think $2.50 is approaching within the next mont and perhaps low 2's following the next earnings report unless there is announcement of new orders. I am doubtful that non-company specific news of any other type is likely to reverse the bleeding. It appears to me that all the news in the world of industry stabilization/consolidation in the LED or solar industries, technology advancements, R&D achievements, distribution agreements, cost-cutting, and efficiency improvements have proven and will continue to prove meaningless in the eyes of Wall Street. We need to book orders or multiyear (perhaps all time) lows are looming. I have no idea who continues to sell at these depressed valuations, but they are steady, determined, and winning the PPS pricing war.

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    • you need to sell this and move on - why would you hold if you think it is going to drop that low?! Plenty of stocks out there making new highs and this one just isn't worth it. Governance here is what is really atrocious

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • yeah - looking bad. You are right - they need to take in new orders and prepayments otherwise the market will continue to think that the company will face bankruptcy in the not too distant future.

    • tdsnow Mar 20, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

      I'm ok with this going to 2.50 or low 2's since I am making the bet this company doesn't go bankrupt and I am trying to accumulate more shares. This past week has been like watching paint dry.

    • I agree that new orders will immediately stop the decline. In advance of learning about new orders, we need to see that our industries have bottomed and that prices are coming back up. In poly for example, prices have just started to inch back up from record lows. Plants have stopped production and there is excess capacity. Customers don't need new furnaces when there is excess capacity sitting idle out there.

      Sapphire mobile phone screens would be an easy way out of this problem!

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      • Chaos can often present opportunities to differentiate you from others. It may sound counterintuitive and perhaps paradoxical but excess capacity has nothing to do with adapting new technologies, equipment and improving efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

        As matter of fact, businesses that would survive this cycle of boom and burst, and thrive thereafter, need to adapt new and improve technologies to increase efficiency and improve quality of products that can further differentiate themselves from the competition, while competition is mired in stagnation and corrosion in all aspects of the business, etc.

        As we all realize by now, supply is outweighing existing demands especially for China based manufacturers. Yet, the market efficiency is hindered due to non-market related influences on the both side of the continent. In short, the solar industry has become political quagmire. Simply put, the solar industry, in the long run, is strategically, economically, politically and technologically too important for either side to surrender.

        Yet, unlike some of the industries and businesses that became obsolete and vanished into the thin air, the solar industry is the industry of the present and future. In fact, one could argue that solar industry is still at its infancy and even stronger and bigger solar companies of the future would emerge from current industry consolidation.

        Just as Moore’s law in the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years; and Intel executive David House, who predicted that period for doubling chip performance in every 18 months, GTAT’s present industry leading knowledge in solar industry will guide company’s long-term planning and able to set targets for R&D, that in which could safeguard GTAT as a front runner in solar industry, and current revenue and product diversification endeavors could propel GTAT into a multibillion dollar behemoth likes of Dow-30 industrials.

        The only question is when but not if and I am definitely betting on GTAT’s turnaround with 6-12 month horizon and beyond. With huge institutional support, I will continue to accumulate GTAT with confidence.