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  • ssainvesting ssainvesting Mar 31, 2013 3:17 PM Flag

    Don't you love the comment, "We don't comment on rumors".

    Trading on news that hasn't been made public yet can get you into a lot of trouble. So, if you decide to share information in a public way, it's probably in your best interest to not make statements of fact but rather share unannounced news framed in "wouldn't this be great if this happened...", or "I wonder if there is any truth in the rumor...". You get the picture.

    Now, I don't have any information about GTAT that hasn't already been disclosed to the public, but wouldn't it be interesting if there was truth in the rumor that GT Advanced Technologies Inc. was to announce an agreement with Insaco Inc.? Wouldn't it be odd if you called Insaco Inc at (215) 536-3500 and asked about a pending announcement involving GTAT, and they responded with, "We don't comment on rumors", even though they aren't a publicly traded company?

    I don't know... it's probably just the same old hopeful investors stirring up the rumor mill. People are always looking at merger and acquisition possibilities that seem to have synergy.

    Enjoy the path back to $17+ a share GTAT investors, I believe it will be a reality sooner than anyone would have imagined.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • tdsnow Mar 31, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

      C'mon man, give us some more clues :)

      Could this rumor be about some sort of partnership related to sapphire cell phone screens?

      Or is it related to hyperion?

      Aren't rumors great... they get you to thinking about all the unlimited possibilities!

    • Ssinvesting just went to the website of Insaco. This company makes quality products for many industries. How did you find about this company? Just curious. How would you like to buy a product that will outlast you? Impressive