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  • on_pphire on_pphire Apr 16, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Krystal sapphire screen being made at GTAT facility

    Or on GTAT equipment according to picture of the facility in the email

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    • 50% reached tonight. Per the update "production" Will start

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      • On-fire;

        That's funny, I saw the same thing this afternoon and was going to post but went out to dinner first. So XGear-Krystal sapphire screen protector offer got to halfway ($5K) of its minimum target for manufacturing, that being $10K.

        This Krystal thing has been moving pretty slow since you and I bought a week ago. I've been somewhat skeptical that it will hit the $10K target by the deadline of May 8th; and subsequently a little disappointed in the market response to this amazing product. But as I look at the website this evening, it's up to 99 backers and $5220 pledged. That's a pretty good day of pledges. If we have more like today we'll make that $10K target. I hope so because I definitely want to play with one of these screens to see if the sapphire product is really as good as I think it is.

        Since I was a worried about the offer, I thought I'd look into whether it was priced right or way out in left field. I did a search on “Iphone 5 screen protector” and came up with anything from cheap plastic screens to the GLAS.tR tempered glass version which runs $30 - $35 dollars. And as the Krystal video shows, the glass still scratches with rocks and sandpaper so $50 for sapphire is looking like a pretty good deal.

        -the bum

    • also posted on the kickstarter for Krystal sapphire screen, click the updates link at the top to see the pictures.

      And people here, although somehow deleted, posted Lammbos was first, you can't conduct a business transaction with the Lammbos sapphire screen protector website.

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