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  • ken_the_bum ken_the_bum Apr 17, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Fundamental Changes Here

    So I keep hearing this talk about GTAT newbies and we'd be much more cynical about this company if we had held this stock long for the last couple years. No, I didn't hold this stock as it dropped from $17 to $2.70; in fact, I hadn't heard of this company until they gave their warning about the coming 2 Q's back in Dec 2012. And then I waited until the Q1 report and bought in a couple days after when the stock dropped below $2.8. And then I bought big (“big” for me), not just because GTAT seemed cheap and ready for a quick flip – no, because IMO the company has gone through some fundamental changes the last two years and those are only starting to show up now. My gosh just a little over two years ago this company was called GT Solar International, it's stock symbol was SOLR, and it had not acquires Crystal Systems with its sapphire furnaces.

    So what I look at when I see that precipitous drop down from the $17 high in July 2011, is has the company made some fundamental changes that will change the continuous downtrend? Or a second question is has solar business turned around so that this company's pv furnace business re-energizes? The answer to both of these questions are YES and YES. Just look at the companies expected revenues mix for this year:
    1% PV (solar)
    42% Polysilicon
    56% Sapphire
    Folks, that is called “fundamental change”.

    At what about that 1% PV business, well as we see from FSLR, solar is not dead and may now be turning around. And GTAT has one of the best high-efficiency offerings in the market with their HiCz process.

    So calling GTAT newbies inexperienced, not bright, or short term flippers doesn't bother me at all – since I'm not the experienced one that rode this down 85% from the peak.

    -the bum

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    • I'm sure there is a point in there somewhere, but it appears primarily to be gloating. So, yes, you are so much smarter than the rest of us who learned about this company 2 years ago since you have been able to get in so much cheaper. You're timing is impeccable. Most of us here are aware of everything you mention, however we knew about it long ago and have lived it as it has happened. Newsflash! The Company's prospects have been every bit as good along the way as they are now. The company was recording year over year and quarter over quarter earnings beats, yet the stock price went down and down. What #$%$ some of us off is that in spite of being a well run company with insightful management, great R&D, diversification, consistent profitability (until the last quarter), etc, the stock has been absolutely raped. In spite of all that "fundamental change" which you allude to, the stock was recently driven to multiyear lows. Thus, in translation, Wall Street has essentially not valued any of their efforts much at all. None. Is it Wall Street ignorance? Is it some form of manipulation? Is it bias against anything associated with solar? Clearly the ever increasing short interest suggest that the majority of speculators have this pegged for bankruptcy. Although it mystifies me as to why that would be. Little short covering appears to have occurred even at the recent multiyear lows. Ironically, looking around the industry, bankruptcy and default seem to be a positive catalyst for those companies as reflected in the subsequent rise in their share prices. So, point is, there is the reality of "fundamentals" and then there is the bizarro reality that is Wall Street. Unfortunately, fundamentals have not been in charge of this stocks trading for quite some time in my view. Heaven knows when it will again. I presume that the ship will be righted when actual revenue positive news is announced in the form of tangible orders.