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  • d3dguy d3dguy Apr 19, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    Form8k - Annual Base Salary Increases

    just released... seems very modest

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    • Thanks d3dguy for salary increase info. That invariably indicates a good Q4 report forthcoming. PPS next week should climb.

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      • I am not sure if I can agree with the notion that salary increase "invariably" indicates a good forthcoming ER, but it definitely would be an ill-timed and inopportune time to increase their own salaries if company is doing bad, etc. Yet, sometimes companies give raises during difficult times to boost morale and due to competitive reasons. The raises look barely inflation, not the real-one, but the one that is being calculated by the fed.

        Yet, IMO, the first two quarters of this year could indicate transition. If we remember, last year was the year of right sizing and shifting from one trick pony where its future existence was in doubt in certain circles and quickly learning to becoming this apparent disability (mono source of revenue). Nowadays, there is this talk of possibilities again in certain circles. I, among, one of the believers this possibility.

        Generally, I am disinclined to believe that there will be some sort of huge upsurge that will propel the share prices sky high over night. Yet, for GTAT, I believe it is not in the realm of impossibility. In short, I believe that GTAT is perhaps one contract from reversing the downtrend and start moving higher. I even believe that with some luck and management's strategic insight and persistence, GTAT could become the next GLW, a diversified technology and industrial company.

        Thus, I will be looking for more optimistic 2nd half of 13 and guidance.


        PS: GTW, ER is for 1st Qtr of 13

      • I don't know about that. The company should not be trading on this Q's earnings. I would like to see them at least come in as they guided which wasn't much but it's all about the outlook and not so much for this current Q2 although any positive news would be great, it's about what they are seeing for the rest of 2013. Do we have positive developments anytime sooner than what they previously expected? That's what could drive the stock. Any talk, color on the tricks up their sleeves, etc.

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    • Salary increases indicate a good q report coming up.

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