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  • cali_sun99 cali_sun99 May 10, 2013 10:55 PM Flag

    LOL at GTAT getting bought out by Corning

    So let me get this straight.

    Back in the 90's Microsoft had 8 stock splits and was going to buy apple, who at the time, was trading at a paltry 4 bucks a share. And Apple gave Microsoft the middle finger because they had the superior tech and Microsoft didn't. The rest is history to where we are from then to now. Apple went from 3.60 a share in 1997 to a double stock split $700 share price in 2012.

    -Now GTAT has the scientists and the superior tech on their side and Corning knows its a major threat. Corning wouldn't waste their time posting videos for gorilla glass greatness while ripping sapphire if it wasn't a threat. And GTAT just gave Corning the middle finger.

    Apple. Yea, those guys are way past Microsoft now, by the billions. Funny how time and more importantly technology changes everything.

    Corning better buy some scientists. Corning has the money, but lack the technology. This is where things get interesting.

    -You want technical analysis. This stock wont fly until it breaks the 200 day moving average on major volume, breaking its 2 year downtrend. When we break the 200dma on heavy volume, put the seatbelt on. Until then, its all about earnings turning around and fundamentals.

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    • It is a possibility. It may happen; may not. Am not sure how relatable your story is to this situation. Apple came up with an entirely new market. So, at the outset, would Microsoft really view apple as a threat? Or enough of a threat to buy them out. Corning certainly sees gtat as a threat to a well defined market that Corning dominates.

      The other question is who holds the shares (a bunch of institutional investors). So, if Corning offered what amounted to a three fold return would an institution say no? This is not to say that this is a certainty, but the odds of a buyout are certainly not 0.

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      • -Of course its not zero. But when GTAT was a one trick horse a few years ago the share price launched to 17.5 with Pv business. Now Gtat's PV business is dead until Hicz launch next year. The Market cap then was over 2 billion excluding cash and backlog, which would of put it at that time just under 5 billion dollars during the start of the solar downturn. Gtat has just under a billion in backlog, will have over 200 million cash at years end, has a current market cap just under 500 million. They have 4 new pieces of technology rolling out within the next 18 months and have been burning cash at will to get these products launched.

        Sapphire Glass

        On top of the current Poly and Sapphire business they have going on now.

        -This isn't Pwer or Rbcn. It's going to take a lot more than $12 bucks a share for a buyout with all this diversification, equally considering a 35% short float with market sentiment turning around. A major deal with Google Motorola and this stock will go to $20 faster than you can blink. The CEO of this company is very aggressive and is not an idiot if you have followed this stock for multiple years.

        -Everyone is in secret now with the cell phone players. Watch the inventory levels. Google is a takeover threat in time considering the solar and phone sides of their business.

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    • Yeah, toss that out the window. Corning doesn't want to be in the equipment supply business. If anything they'd buy the Chinese company that's making the sapphire screens for the Vertu ti or such company already vertically set up.

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    • edgordon May 11, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

      Good post

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