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  • on_pphire on_pphire May 12, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    cnet: google nexus being removed from shelves in anticipation of new Google phone

    Some retailers are taking the Nexus 4 off shelves, leading to speculation that there could be a smartphone surprise scheduled for Google I/O.

    also no longer available at best buy site.

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    • onfire;
      You've been speculating on news during the Google I/O for a while now; and this morning IMO the GTAT traders are agreeing with you. There is no other apparent news on the horizon to cause this mornings rally. There has been a tremendous urgency to the buying this morning, 2.7M shares traded in the first hour, and the only scheduled event that could cause a GT news blurp is the announcement of a sapphire screen at Google I/O.

      Good Job, Great Research.

      -the bum

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      • Thanks. The google CEO's comments about phones shouldn't shatter, some leaked info about sapphire from supposed google engineer and such fits. But following the interwebs there's also been leaks that the new google phone will only have GG 3 from this same "engineer" so I'm not getting my hopes up. Love to see it but don't want to be disappointed. It however does fit that the new x phone is customizable (also said by the ceo)

        I've been trying to run a bunch of math if you check my posts, to summarize,
        1. the nexus 4 had volume sapphire could support with today's pipeline.
        2. Gionee elife e3 phone will have a sapphire camera lens cover, announced on facebook only so far.
        3. ipad rumors it will have a sapphire camera cover
        4. sapphire pricing seems to have bottomed
        5. oh and I found that eagle tac D25 mini series flashlights have sapphire lenses in them too.

        If its not google I/o then here's a couple ideas for news
        1. there's been no announcement of a deal with xgear (we know its small but its not been announced)
        2. A general new order to support more phones with sapphire camera covers and other new growth, its all about square inches

        I don't follow solar so I just figure that and LED is icing on this cake ;)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Just look at any solar stock
        FSLR SPWR SOL. GTAT has missed a big move and it can only be assumed that business will improve substantially at GTAT the more those securities run up. Right now solar is minimal. Just imagine the combined effect if both solar and sapphire are upgrading capacity at the same time. The upside is in the 20s but shorter term around 10.

      • or just P&D