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  • auagboy auagboy Nov 4, 2013 5:10 PM Flag

    Revenue -60% and lost money...stock goes up?

    I'm on the sidelines and won't play this game....stocks lose money and go up 20% in a week....

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    • APPLE man, do u have glasses on?

    • It's all about the Future !!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As a value investor, I hear you. But wall street often values certain companies irrationally. Think of many cloud computing companies. SalesForce? LinkedIn? WorkDay? Even Amazon!

      Obviously one would lose their shirt investing significantly in chasing such growth during early stage. That's why I afford myself only an occasional bet in this context. Especially if I can hang my hopes on something fundamental. Well, I found GTAT's moat deep in the solar supply chain compelling. I got lucky in this moat extending to sapphire as well.

      But make no mistake about it...GTAT is a speculative bet. Again, the only argument I can make against it being a total dice roll is its moat and an extended runway due to recent increases in revenue...and yes, this accounts for today's disastrous revenue retraction, as Apple has spoken loudly.

      I have $5k at $4.40, not big money. But I also have $25k in GLW as a hedge. The 2 are complementary in many ways, except the latter affords safety.

      Fingers crossed on GTAT.

    • losing $$ is just no problem being as you will be winning the lotto soon .

    • you still in the dark ages....the street do not go for that fundamentals #$%$ anymore....with HFT and other is about hype and buzz and the is not going anywhere.....and gtat just latch on it deep like a leech.....get it?....