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  • clairole27 clairole27 Nov 4, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    No matter what ya think......

    GT got a exclusive APPLE CONTRACT!!!!!!! BEAT THAT!!!

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    • actually Apple got an exclusive GT contract - Apple isn't prohibited to source materials from other suppliers while GTAT won't be permitted to sell material to other customers.

      there really nothing to cheer about here - Apple actually took the company hostage by transferring the whole business risk to GTAT while not even committing to minimum purchase volumes.

      With most of the future revenues now tied to a single major customer and potential other customers being alienated by GTAT's decision to become a competitor I don't see how this should help the company over the long term. This is just a deal for survival and looks a lot like AMD and its move into gaming console chips.

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      • Did you listen to the CC? TG would not give details, but GT can sell saf to other customers. It is restricted, but , Apple will not be the only customer. Come on, TG and others at GT are not stupid.

      • you expect another supplier to beat GTAT for cost _after_ GTAT ramps up to higher scale with AAPL's prepayment money? or perhaps AAPL will prefer to lose money just for the sake of trolling GTAT?

      • I agreed with your observations but if you are GT, what you expect? an APPLE contract is actually the best you can get! For one of the biggest company in the world like apple to stand on your side and "endorse" your technologies that was not even an industry few years ago, you do not have much to overpower. if GT did not have monopoly advantage, Apple do not have to lock them in and prevent them from selling furances to others so others cannot proudce for other apple competitors.

        But at the same time, sapphire will be used and expand. just like when Apple only team up AT&T for its iphone years ago, iphone was nothing but a fansy product and see what is now. and Apple is selling to everyone.

        I do not like the exclusive deal with apple but if apple use sapphire for the cover, a lot of people (via iphone and ipad) will use and technology will get mature and cheaper.

        It is tough for GT to make that decision but I think it is the right move. only time will tell.

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      • hageneriksson appears to be winning the number 2 spot for "Stupidest Short Post" tonite (with: "there really nothing to cheer about here") ROFLMAO!

    • Plain and simple, that there's the truth.

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