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  • mungee24 mungee24 Jan 9, 2014 8:04 PM Flag

    Let's just price sapphire screen into stock

    Fresher reports about the iPhone 6 said that sapphire will definitely be part of the alleged iOS phablet, with Apple announcing that it has already acquired a stead y and affordable source of the durable material to be utilized on the glass cover and the coating, as posted on another report from International Business Times. The partnership between the two firms reportedly costs more or less $578 million.

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    • All the buzz over over Apple and sapphire, yet we are still under 10 pps, while other stocks losing money hand over fist are faring better. It's not fair.

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      • This board isn't for real information. Nobody wants to hear about or deal with any possibility that this could fail. In the real world, the stock has done squat since the announcement. Why is that if this is such a "sure thing" like most of the "cut-and-paste" guys in here want you to believe? If you want to just "price sapphire screen into the stock" right now, you're the only ones here in fantasyland doing so. The rest of the real world isn't so sure. Use your head and do your own research. Why is the stock flat since the announcement when everyone knows this will be a $40 stock? Why has Corning CEO James Flaws been to Cupertino twice since Thanksgiving? Why has Apple recently produced a prototype iPhone 6 that uses curved Gorilla Glass?
        Use your head: You have no factory, you only hired a fraction of the 700 workers (none of which have even started training), you have no furnaces, you have no solar grids to power the factory, you haven't figure a way to drop per screen costs, and all of this according to the nitwits in here is going to miraculously fall into place inside 6 months so a million iPhone 6s will be ready for October. Aside from that, it's gonna be a bloodbath when the 2013 earnings come out. This is real information, not a bunch of guys coming here just to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Find a contact in AZ and ask them if anyone - ANYONE - has touched the factory since Apple received final approval in November. This board is just a pipe dream led by Mung, et al, that is in for a rude awakening.