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  • cali_sun99 cali_sun99 Jan 13, 2014 2:23 AM Flag

    Apple GT Mesa Plant, took a road trip to check it out

    -There is a ton of open land and space down there which stretches for miles. Found out a German investor bought up 200 or so acres worth of land recently right by the plant, probably for resale to potentially apple, foxconn, or someone else.

    -First solar signs are still covering the building. There are a number of large cranes down there around the building surrounded by a barbwire fence. The area is secure, you need a gate key to get into the one entrance and the other one had security standing outside the gate. There were a good number of construction workers down there over the weekend working around the entire building. There was a lot of additional lighting that was put up outside in the lot area, so construction is for sure taking place in the evening 24/7.

    -The lot was no where near full, but there was a good amount of cars down there in the actual lot of the front entrance itself where you need the gate key to get in. From the side road every door on the entire side of the warehouse was wide open and the lights were on inside. I'm not talking like a small door to walk in, Im talking warehouse doors where something large was loaded into the warehouse. Something was definitely loaded in there recently or was about to be loaded as all the side doors were currently open. I didn't see anything sitting around in the parking lot waiting to be loaded unless it was not delivered yet or was in the back somewhere. Work is for sure being done both on the outside and the inside of the plant itself 7 days a week.

    -This is not 2nd or 3rd hand information as I was physically there in person this weekend.

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    • Cali : Thanks for the information that dispels the shorters' babble.

    • See my post on TPCS....this would confirm that shipments have already been delivered and more on the way.
      Thanks for taking the time to travel to the site.....I will try to help by paying a visit to TPCS...they are only 30 miles from my location...I have had GTAT as a holding since the high $3's and continue to add to my position.

      I know the focus is on the Apple deal...and that is great....but if GTAT can change the efficiency of the solar panels by 25% with there technology....well then we LONGS should be very well rewarded for our time.
      TPCS has also helped GTAT with their solar needs in the past so their relationship goes back a ways.
      I do own small amount of TPCS....very maybe I will actually see the operation in progress....I would hope to see a shipment marked for delivery to MESA ARIZONA.
      My guess is that the Mesa plant is further along than most think.....GTAT will not want to disappoint in any way
      and TIME is it is in every ones best interest to be up and running.
      Good Luck to all.

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    • Facilities Manager
      Job Number: 31068316
      Mesa, Arizona, United States
      Posted: Jan. 13, 2014
      Weekly Hours: 40.00
      Job Summary
      Apple is seeking a facilities professional responsible for the superior maintenance and operation of its Mesa, AZ facility.

      Key Qualifications

      Experience in the planning, scheduling, budgeting, resourcing, and executing of all technical services required to maintain a 1 million sf portfolio. These include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, controls, fire-alarm, janitorial, landscaping, flooring, lighting, furniture, warehousing and pest control services.
      High-energy candidate with 10-15 years of building engineering, facility/construction/project management experience in making buildings great workplaces.
      The successful candidate must demonstrate a passion for continual quality improvement in the upkeep and function of buildings, building systems, machinery and landscape to enable Apple’s culture of innovation. He or she must be able to balance the trade-offs between operational risk and investment, constantly seeking highest quality and design at best value. The successful candidate must have solid supervisory and communications skills commensurate with running a full-scale in-sourced facilities management team, capable of driving all scheduled maintenance programs coupled with quick reactive repair capabilities. Maintenance issues must be diagnosed, managed and resolved quickly and efficiently. Customer service issues involving employees must be dealt with directly and honestly. Must also demonstrate significant experience working with large electrical utilities, city and county building and fire departments, water agencies, architectural and design firms, and general contracting and sub-contracting firms as part of daily work execution.

    • Why not pictures?

    • Looks like Dr. Doolittle was caught in yet another lie. No surprise there.

      • 1 Reply to chelle3095
      • Still obsessing over me? How cute.

        By the way, I told you my pictures were from 12/29 and there was NOTHING going on at the site whatsoever. Why is it that you can't handle a differing opinion? Are you that insecure that you have to come to a board where 99% of the posters agree with you just so you feel better about yourself? You really do have some serious sh|t going on. At first I just thought you were just another moron who hated everyone that didn't agree with his opinion, now I'm really starting to feel bad for you.

    • Hey cali,

      Great and thanks for the first hand information drive by update. Seems when I go in early February, I will also be on the outside looking in (never thought about fencing but that makes complete sense here).

      I arrive in Phoenix around noon on Super Bowl Sunday so will drive by there on my way to my Super Bowl party just to see the commitment for working weekends....and Super Bowl Sunday.

      Now, I wonder if the roach coach is allowed inside the fence or if I can sit at the roach coach and trade snacks for information. I do have a decent telephoto lens and perhaps can get names on trucks to see who is working there electricians vs. carpenters vs.?????????

    • thanks. Would like to see it myself, although it costs me a bit more time to get there. Apparently they are in a hurry finishing/preparing it (24/7 work)

      Thanks. Love reading your postings.