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  • biodieselgolftdi biodieselgolftdi Apr 22, 2014 11:12 AM Flag

    Koch brothers

    and other republicans are trying to obstruct the adoption of solar - pathetic of course and no surprise. If these people had half a brain they would get on the right side of history and invest in and support solar instead of trying to protect their interests in the fossil fuel industry. I suggest that the republican party change its name to the Stinkers - much more accurate.

    See: Conservative heavyweights have solar industry in their sights
    Los Angeles Times

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    • Sooo...
      You are upset because they are a threat to your investment or???
      You do realize, Democrats also have issue with campaign finance? You realize this whole game is fixed, right?
      Yet, you complain two old white dudes?
      Your issue is with campaign finance, public relations, and lobbying.
      Might I suggest you stop trading stocks and join Occupy Wall Street?

    • They simply donated money to a large power industry lobby that wants to roll back the current Federal mandate that currently requires energy producers to use a certain percentage of renewable energy. Oh the horror of lower utility bills and fewer wasteful green energy government regulations.

    • Koch brothers are doing no such thing, solar is just not ready to replace fossil fuels yet. The Koch brothers have a business, lot of it deals with fossil fuels. the energy the Koch brothers help refine is whats keeping American Business alive. How is that obstructing solar? only a genius like biodieselgolftdi, MSNBC, Obama and democrats come up with such absurd statements.

      RE: changing names, the democrats can change their name to THE AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY!

    • Come on biobigmouth tell us all about the evil solar industry that uses tariffs to protect their profit, on no wait that wouldn't fit your ridiculous left wing agenda would it.

    • Evil Solar Industry.................

      "SolarWorld, the manufacturer with a solar-panel plant in Hillsboro, cleared a significant hurdle Friday in its bid for more tariffs on Chinese and Taiwanese products imported to the United States."

      You guys are just idiots....................

    • I agree with you on how solar power is unfairly politicized by the right but think it is not a good idea to bring it up on this message board. It just devolves into someone calling you names and making assumptions based on their own interpretation of facts. If you already agree with your position, you know why you believe so, and if you don't, then you have your reasons and someone stating the opposing position is unlikely to change your mind and just make you have more conviction to argue your perspective. It more gets one frustrated by people's ignorance then it does anybody any good.

      Solar power is getting more and more efficient and looks like it might be the dominant energy source of the 21st Century, even the Saudis seem to understand that and are trying to get away from relying on fossil fuels. The best technology will win out and people and societies will be most influenced by economic benefits and not by political posturing, which will only serve to delay rather than stop a cleaner and more efficient technology from taking hold. There will be more than enough business for GTAT around the world if they are leading solar efficiency even if political opposition makes America slow to catch on to the economic and social benefit of solar power.

    • biodiesel wants to save the world when I'll bet in reality he can't even financially support himself.

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      • You talk from ignorance once again. I have over 20k shares of GTAT (most bought near $3 over a year ago) and an equal number of shares spread out in other US solar companies - mostly spwr and sune - amongst other various investments. I also have a PhD in the physical sciences and make well over $200k/year. Yes, I'm lying right? Unfortunately I have a soft spot for responding to ignoramuses like you. I can tell you are a braindead teabagger type because you think there's something wrong with doing the right thing for the planet. A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

    • You guys are just brilliant, you support massive federal subsidies for an inefficient technology that the subsidy giver won't even use when it has to justify with a cost/benefit analysis.

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      • and apparently you goofball support massive federal subsidies for the production of massively polluting energy that will either get all used up or, more likely, abandoned for more efficient and healthy energy production (e.g. solar). Funny that you are an "investor" here and don't realize that solar has reached grid parity in some areas and will reach grid parity in the coming years. With its subsidies for getting the solar industry off the ground, the elements primarily in the Democrats party and in particular the Obama administration are doing what governments should do: lead us in the right direction. At some point in the not too distant future solar and other alternatives won't need gov subsidies. If you had half a brain you would argue that the gov should pull the plug on subsidies to the hugely profitable fossil fuel industry.

      • and somehow you think the fossil industry did not get any welfare and handouts and subsidies from the gov't!?
        you ONE BIG fool!!

    • You are an idiot. Conservatives are simply promoting energy policies that typically don't include massive government subsidies that keep inefficient products (solar) afloat. So tell us all biodiesel why we should be giving the solar industry and it's users welfare.

    • Except from digitaljournal article:
      The only ray of sunshine in the battle over solar energy is that in 2013, a rooftop solar energy system was installed every four minutes. The endless money that backs up the fossil fuel lobby in government offices around the country can do little to stem the tide of Americans that are realizing if they want clean and cheap energy, they will have to provide it themselves.