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  • mostly_long mostly_long Jul 7, 2014 3:16 PM Flag

    All these charting bs is nothing more than a big BS. The reason it tank is because a couple

    of anals downgraded the stock. It has nothing to do with girlie's damn chart.

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    • You do not understand technicals. You should not be commenting on something you do not understand. Charts do not lie. NEVER!!
      I am in the mood to play. Stop typing before the bulls eye on your back keeps growing.

    • she's a fraud. A true H&S takes weeks/months to form, GT is mired in a strong uptrend, ignore the little girlll

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      • hey retail. well, i was just informed about ur post & i must say i'm a little surprised as u & i have discussed these things before (twtr, scty, etc). i've never traded gtat before, but looking at the 5 day...there is a h/s. gtat's is much easier to see than scty's as scty's is kinda dilapidated.
        i didn't work out the price tgts, etc for gtat as i'm sure sg (stocksgirrl) already did.

        a h/s can form on any time frame. as it's on the 5 day vs 5 mnth means it will play out much faster which is good news for u if ur long cuz it will be over fairly quickly. anyway, just wanted to write a quick response here. sg isn't a fraud. she & i discuss TA all the time.

      • i'm a fraud?? lol - are you kidding retailbaloon?? ok, how about cleblanc - would you consider her a fraud too?? no, i know you wouldn't!! and cleblanc just told me today on the scty board that scty also has a head and shoulders pattern on its 5 day chart- something i missed because the pattern is a bit skewed- but she is right- it is there - despite being skewed!

        and if you are going to throw around accusations about ME - then you had better have PROOF to back up your claims!!! and sorry, but your claims are false and are based on absolutely nothing because my past price calls on MANY stocks will prove to ANYONE who reads my posts going back to last year that i am indeed not any kind of a fraud!!! but thanks so much for making a false claim about me!!!

        and i thought YOU were a technical trader- but your comment about a head/ sh pattern taking weeks or months to form just shows how little you know about patterns and how they can form on ANY time frame!!! read chase's posts below- HE is a true technician which is evident in his posts about knowing that patterns can form on other time frames besides just weeks or months!! plus, if you cannot SEE the head/ sh pattern on the chart to the right of this board, then to me, that tells me you are not very good at reading a chart - hence, not a good technician at all!! so, that tells me i was wrong about you and your technical skills - my bad!

      • Not true. I look for the patterns on a 5 min chart all the time. Whether the pattern plays out or not is another issue. I do not agree with her neckline placements but she knows what she is talking about.