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  • napolivacaille napolivacaille Jul 12, 2014 2:26 AM Flag

    seen before

    This kind of volume & interest only creates more buzz and demand. Look at the history, it's a game that brokers/ investors & bankers deal. GTAT as an investment can be annoying. I have done leverage buying since it hit the 8's. Doing so again Monday if it goes even lower. In six months , six years it will be part of my kids collage funding and my retirement. I also own GLW, GST & CSIQ. Same story on all three, however, GT is the main event. The Yoyo ist to bug me, now I use the swings to reaffirm my patience as it will only bounce back to higher highs then the analysts look at the 200 day ma, yada yada yada. Talk to me in 2016 when it's in the upper 60's or even higher. Think about it, did Apple go this route just to make a better phone? They play as well, with GT getting into touch, New solar and panel architecture, it's no wonder they are so busy in the desert.

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    • Agree. I'm not as sophisticated with the fine details such as cup and saucer, wing and a prayer, but I originally got into GTAT on the way down from 9 to 2+ because I believe in solar over the next 20 years and I think GTAT was an undervalued solar fund that will go the distance and prosper immensely. The sapphire and LED operations were happy synergistic additions, and the fact that Apple gave it's half billion dollar blessing and an immediate boost in stock price is gourmet icing on the cake. My profits at 19+ was over 6 figures, still up a huge amount. If, and I realize this is a reasonably big 'if', there isn't an overall market crash or huge correction, then I don't think it would be outrageous to expect GTAT to double or triple over the next two years. I've been doing a little day trading along the way, locking in a few profits, but the bulk of it is riding on my belief in this company as a smart choice.

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    • collage funding? I guess artwork can be expensive :)

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