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  • wisconsincheese wisconsincheese Jul 12, 2014 11:58 AM Flag

    GTAT and Apple are working together to solve the major flaws that plague cell phones

    I think what is being lost in the all the hoopla about GTAT stock price and possible manipulation by MM's and "supply chain" checks and GLW outright lies about sapphire is that the picture that emerges is that GTAT and Apple have been working together for a number of years on trying to address the major problems of cell phones.

    One aspect of GTAT and their management that I really admire and think sometimes people don't fully understand is that they are problem solvers. They don't look to make a quick buck but rather develop large scale solutions which open up huge markets that most companies don't have the vision, patience and execution to manage.

    GTAT is the one company that looked at the problems of cell phone screen shattering and developed a plan to address that. Same thing is occurring in the solar arena where they are addressing the problem of solar panels in terms of weight and efficiency and developing technology which solves the major reasons why solar is often not utilized.

    Apple seems to be the one company that has a similar outlook on developing high quality products that solve issues for people. Looking at the patents and the investment Apple has made there is no doubt that this is a huge collaborative effort years in the making. GG is a highly flawed product and GLW has been making incremental improvements over the years but has shown no real desire to solve the shattering issue. I will always believe that GLW and other cell phone manufacturers wanted screens to be fragile so people would upgrade their phones after they break and that was part of their business model. Apple basically has broken away from that collusion with GTAT and sapphire and has decided to go into a direction where screens don't break and likely batteries will not degrade as much because there will solar panels to help charge the phone. Maybe not in this IPhone but in future versions.

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    • TG is to engineering problems what SJ was to design excellence... make things better for the end consumer...

    • Nice post Big Cheese. And I am totally agree with your point of view. GTAT is a stock can hold for long, i mean years. I personally bought Apple stock since 2008 and have been follow all Apple's news since then. Sapphire and liquid metal are the future of the cellphone industry. I currently bought some of the GTAT @ avg $17 and will hold for at least few years from now. I don't blame on people profit taking with a buck or two. These are not my money and they just don't see the bright side of the GTAT coming down the road. Since Apple had invested huge amount of money and time in GTAT, they gonna use sapphire on most of their product lines. Not only iPhone. Apple is a company either go big or go home. Even we don't see sapphire on iP6 ( which I don't believe its gonna happen ) , I promise it will be on all iP6s. Apple is working on all the new project like iHome, payment system and others.... all of this require fingerprint login which will use sapphire. Plus Apple just received a patent of all clear cellphone last week... guess which company will benefit the most beside Apple...Good luck to all longs.

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    • Thanks. Nice Post. Apple makes products that work and work well.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Big Cheese,In my mind I always think of you as the big cheese because you were smart enough to take major risks and has profited more from GTAT than anyone else on this message board. However if you prefer the name you chose, just say the word and I will happily comply. Anyway, good to see you post. I'm looking for a good earning report, especially since it comes out on a Tuesday.

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      • Thanks lucky, you can call me whatever you want my friend. I am surprised market hasn't caught on to Tuesday call announced month in advance. That is basically dead give away that things are going good and as planned and there will be no negative surprise.

        Investing is part intelligence, luck, timing and opportunity. I appeared to have had everything line up perfectly with my GTAT investment and I understand how fortunate I have been. I do not come from money and it is weird to be so rich now but I only mention size of my GTAT investment to bolster other longs and show what a believer I am in this amazing company, not to proclaim I am a better investor or to brag about it. I am the same person and just as smart as when I had no money and that won't change who I am as a person.

        I try to take an overall view of a company when I invest and understand the vision of management. GTAT is a great an opportunity as I have ever seen and people who are scared out by moves from 20 to 16 need to learn more about GTAT and understand the long term plan and how all the pieces are falling into place. I have lost millions of my gains on paper and I am as excited and optimistic as ever based on real world evidence. Apple deal is larger than people know and based on synergies and this rocket is still on the platform.

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