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  • solarfinancethinker solarfinancethinker Jul 12, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    Ignore the Noise & Keep the Faith: Remember "Project Cascade" and Consider Hyperion/Merlin Connection

    For those who might be unnerved by the silly timing questions about GT's supply of sapphire to Apple suppliers, please consider the following --

    1. Remind yourself that Apple's code name for the Mesa initiative is "Project Cascade." Sapphire will in due time cascade into Apple products and in all likelihood capitalize on more than just sapphire's durability advantage. As Kevin Landis, one of the premier tech analysts of our time who made GT his top pick for 2014, pointed out, Apple tends to go big or go home. Apple did not go home. Opportunities like the one of the past week are created by noise. This sapphire trend has a long way to run.

    2. In the recent Intersolar Conference presentation, GT described how the Merlin grid system will enhance the flexibility and resiliency of silicon panels. GT said for the first time that I'm aware that such resiliency will enable the use of thinner panels. I had not focused on that before and I read everything and then some. Now, the importance of that should be considered in the context of the other technology that GT is posturing for commercialization, i.e., the Hyperion. The Hyperion offers the opportunity to slice and dice silicon into thin layers.

    While I may be proven wrong in the short term, I added considerably more yesterday.

    Luckylass -- that purchase jacked my average cost basis up, but I was a big, big buyer of GT from December 2012 through June 2013. My average cost basis independent of the yesterday's buy is probably under $4 per share. I bought a ton under $3 when I saw that BoA was accumulating and BoA was also GT's lender. At that time, there was fear being expressed that GT could go under, but BoA was in the best position to know and their actions spoke very loud.

    My view was that solar would turn quickly; sometimes you get lucky though. No one and I mean no one could And yes I realize that some like to claim that foresight.

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    • crowderjt Jul 12, 2014 5:52 PM Flag

      First post. Essentially long since Nov 5, which as far as I know was the first day I ever heard of GT. Made 2 or 3 round-trips before realizing I wasn't going to play with this investment. Rolled my entire IRA into GT in January, meaning what we accomplish the next few years will be tax-advantaged. Importantly, doubled my position this week after it came down 13% off the high. Interestingly to some, maybe, would have made the same investment if it had gone up 10% that day, since I need approval to buy or sell any common stock because my wife is a bank officer holding 3 SEC licenses and the approval is only good the same day.

      Thank you to all the longs and even the less arrogant traders here who helped develop my knowledge of the company and understand its potential. I discovered the board the first week of my investment, so I've been lurking the better part of a year now, though I did post to Matt once or twice. I could name you, but I would leave someone out and the veterans understand who you are. Having bought at the elevated prices the second week of November and almost immediately experiencing the reverses of the issuance in in December, the encouragement and information I found here permitted me to endure the complaints of my wife after we dipped back to the 8s so soon after my investment. That experience helps this week. So, thanks for letting me share this at this point in time when such a variety of newbies and bashers is popping up.

      Sentiment: Buy