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  • retailbaloon retailbaloon Jul 12, 2014 3:30 PM Flag

    This is just for the shorts here

    guys, if you want to make money check out GPRO's recent technical breakdown on waning volume and trader interest, the bear message for that overhyped niche camera co. is an easy one to understand; I put on my position there when 43.60 broke, it's just a shame that options only began trading this past Monday and not when GPRO was at the highs... some here know me as a serial short seller, but you are barking up the wrong tree here --- there are plenty of great short opportunities in this market currently but GTAT is not one of them, so if you missed the top here above $20, squeezing blood from a stone down here after a bottom just got hammered out last week is truly a fool's game. I am long just 4 stocks, and GTAT is by far my largest position, bought on the first Monday last FEB.
    Good luck

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    • did you piggyback me on this easy trade? Of course not, because the shorts here have little to no skin in this game or any others for that matter, they have little $ left, and they are praying for fear to dominate here, but greed is always right around the corner. Bunch of pretenders and trolls here, look how active this board became recently... I wonder how many sold below $15 today on the exhaustion bottom? 25% lower in 6 trading days, overdone big time on unsubstantiated "notes" and other BS... thanks for playing dummies.