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  • cavedraco5 cavedraco5 Jul 18, 2014 9:47 AM Flag

    Apple and GTAT playing Possum!

    Apple and GTAT are getting free advertising from all of the speculating analysts and media outlets. They don't care what anyone says or what the stock prices are doing.

    It appears that production will begin on schedule and Iphone 4.7 will be commence production in a week and the Iphone 5.5 in August. That goes against most of the reasons and justification that GTAT's stock price was punished from 20 down to 14.

    A few analysts want to tell you that GTAT had a problem producing sapphire, but rest assured that production of any material is not done on a whim. It is done on the back of tons of research, preparation, contingency plans, and planning. It is possible that GTAT's alumina supply was sub par and producing lower yields, but this would have not lasted for very long. Steps would have been taken to correct this issue and they were. More Furnaces were brought into Mesa than I believe anyone had expected and suppliers of alumina would have been changed. This would have only caused a minor set back in production, and measures taken would have absolutely put GTAT and Apple back on track to release one of the greatest untapped competitive advantages left in the mobile technology industry: DURABILITY.

    Apple is on schedule to release the Iphone 6 (both models) with sapphire because that has been their intention from the get go, and TC and TG would have and will do everything possible to make that happen. The industry is adopting sapphire before our eyes, and Apple will be the first to adopt it across all of it's devices. If you're not sure Tim Cook wants out of the Mesa factory, check out all the patents Apple has filed and look at Tim Cook's face when he was interviewed back in January. It's special to him and will be to owners of the new Iphone.

    This is how the game is played. Apple plays coy or even closed to possum, gets all kinds of free press, and then BOOM! They blow the competition away.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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