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  • dablldoya02 dablldoya02 Aug 9, 2004 8:52 AM Flag

    My Home Owners Policy

    I am not one to write on the Message Boards but I have been with Chubb for about (5) years. I must say that I have seen the service going down. I made a call to Chubb to have may policy changed I wanted to add to may Fine Arts because I just acquired a painting. I got the coverage update and it was all messed up. I called again and was then told that I should not be in the Masterpiece coverage that I should be under a different plan. I then find out that people are leaving Chubb the good workers maybe that is the reason I had problems. I don't care about the Stock for I do not own it but it seems to me that this CEO who is new is cutting expenses and that is find you will have some good Q's but with all the cuts and good people leaving in time you will see the affects of that. I paid Chubb a lot of money for my Coverage but I will be moving to AIG. I use to think Chubb was a great Company and they were but I no longer think that way.

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    • I read your posts and the following name calling.

      2 things don't make sense. Why were you and not your agent calling to add the new painting?

      Sounds like your agent is playing the churn and burn and you don't even know it. Your stockbroker likely sells Intel and buys AMD in the same swoop too when he needs money.

      I don't know squat about AIG claims or AMICA claims but I do know my CB homeowners has always paid, sometimes to my surprise.


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      • I don't own any CB Stock all I did was write about CB servive and how I see it going down. Lets start out about name calling what name calling? Second on my Chubb Homowners policy I have an 800 number that I can call with any questions or to make changes you do to I hope.My agent for my company does what I tell him and I listen to him for his advice. My stock broker has nothing to do with my Home owners or my companys insurance I have know idea why you mention her. I am happy that you have had no problems with Chubb but I am not happy with them anymore and I have the right to move to a new company if I want. Take care

      • Hey (PAL) sounds like you work for Chubb!!!!!disgusted with your Job ?????? Might take sometime to look for a new one! I dont think it will be there long anyway. (OUTSORCING,BENNIES,RELITIVES,your language, ASS KISSERS and LIERS, loss of business, over spending, OVER PRICED AND WELL JUST PLAIN PIN HEADS)> NOT TO MENTION THE OVERPAID S N A K E S) Seems you are on the receving end of the toilet seat. Chubbs Toilet Seat Logo sure looks like the way its going. And its only a 1.5 gallon flush I guess more and more are tired of the smell. Well til next time good luck you fool what catogory do you fall in???????? O and PAL stands for PERSONALIZED ASS LICKER (P A L) Smile I guess your goin bald and blind there Just how they like it

    • Thanks for getting back to me. Warn em like you said I am the President and CEO. bye

    • Thanks for clearing all this up, Pal. One more thing. You must be hot-sht at your company if you got a house big enough to be payin 16 grand for insurance. Do your company a favor and warn em about switchin for a few pennies a year. It ain't worth it, pal. A smart guy like you musta done all that research on claims service, so I know you'll be able to show em the way. Let us know how it goes, pal. Those of us who aint as bright as you can use all the advice we can get.

    • Let me go slow with you. First I am not your pal. I have been with chubb for about 5 years and my Home owners was $16,000 a year. I have done my reseach and you may want to read Sept's Consumer Report. I don't have my Home Owers with AIG maybe you should understand what you are reading before you write. One more thing something I don't like but Chubb is kissing my ass to go back with them. CB would love to have my $16,000 a year or they would not be sending letters and calling me to sit down with them. My company is going to go with AIG and Chubb is not happy with that. As for trying to do me a favor trust me I don't need your help. Take care

    • You will regret going to AIG if you have a claim. Chubb still shines in the way they handle claims. AIG has never been known for it's claims handling.

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      • Thank you for your input on AIG.I was talking to my financial planner and he suggest that I move to a Company called Amica Mutual Insurance. To compare then with Chubb for Home owners they have a better score on problems with claims then Chubb by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. They also have a faster respone time for a claim was better then Chubb according to a study by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association of America. They handle homes that have a value of $500,000 and over cars that have a value of $50,000 and over and they are 30% less on the premium. Chubb had a price hike in 2003 Amica did not. I am being told that the September issue of Consumer report is doing a story on them I will have to buy it and read it. I will move my Companys insurance to AIG this month we are up for renewal this month and my Broker is telling me that the PA office just lost a great underwriter and he said to deal with the other people in that office he does not want to do that. I have said as long as the coverage is the same or better and the price is better and I am being told it will be and they have competent people working for them go for it.

    • I think you will find more and more people who will be switching to AIG. Good luck with your painting. Im sure you will get MUCH better luck with AIG! Please post again with your thoughts. As I feel Chubbs got both hands holding on to the rim if you know what I mean.

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