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  • kpmgpartner54 kpmgpartner54 Oct 20, 2004 1:57 PM Flag

    Berkshire Hathaway may buy CHUBB


    Buffet has always been interested in Chubb. Finnegan was told to call Warren if and when he was ready. Now is potentially the time for Buffet to combine General RE with CHUBB. Chubb may not think it is the time. Buffet probably does not go hostile but it would make for a statement about Berkshire and Chubb if they did. Buffet has 35 billion in cash and could easily pay 85 for Chubb. His reputation would help solidify the values in the industry after this tremendous drop. This is what Buffet has been wating for. Of course Chubb has no comment.I am buying. Chubb is a win win at these levels.

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    • Good Question. I have not heard any rumors or rumblings. I am holding 500 shares of CB. I am quite concerned given the current environment. It seems that nothing has moved the stock lower based on subpeonas or legal actions. Nevertheless, I have my finger on the sell button when and if something may happen. If I was to sell today, I would have a small loss. Can anybody tell me whether this stock is Spitzer clean? Many analysts are recommending CB but who knows. I think that they come out with earnings tomorrow and I expect a good report but the industry is somewhat scary. Does anybody have any viewpoints or comments. Have a great evening. Sorry for the long message.

    • "Buffet probably does not go hostile"

      Buffett does not go hostile. He did write a letter of warning to one company a few years back. I think that is as hostile as he's gotten in many years.

      "Chubb is a win win at these levels."

      Agreed, as long as Chubb doesn't get caught up in the latest Spitzergate. If it stays clean, as I expect it to, the controversy will be fundamentally positive for it.

      The only downside, if you consider it a downside, is that Warren likes to pay in cash and not shares. A possible negative for some, but with 15% LTCG rates, its not that negative.

    • Where are you getting your info? I happen to know for a fact Mr. Buffet will NEVER let anyone know what company he is interested in. If Mr. Buffet were to buy Chubb and I have no idea why he would it would happen and then you would find out like everyone else. Let me know were you are hearing the rumors because that is what they are rumors. I have a feeling you will right back and say I can't tell because it is from someone high up at Chubb yea right.

    • Buffet must be an idiot then. The stock was a lot lower last year, in the high 40's. Talk of getting bought out has been floated on this board for years. Keep guessing and maybe one of these years you will be right.

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