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  • boardwalk97 boardwalk97 Nov 15, 2012 1:44 PM Flag

    We need to have SNOOP DOGS to do store checks

    Years ago, on the HANS / aka MNST Yahoo message board we had folks do store checks to help investors get the pulse of Energy Drink sales. So recruitment is needed here on the Reed's Yahoo message board to do that same type of work. Please post your experience with regards to the stocking level,shelf space given and turns for the Kombucha product in your favorite grocery/establishments. I:E Earth Fare or Whole Foods stocks all four flavors and this flavor or those flavors are always cleared off the shelve space (5 inch wide 10 inch deep)? You may also state that GT Synergy is fully stocked whereas Reed's has a whole in it or vice versa? In addition, any product chatter you may hearing about Kombucha is appreciated I.e this a magazine said this about or so and so, who's in the distribution channel or at store level says this "selling like a 100 mil lottery ticket" Finally, how are your taste buds feeling after consuming a Reed's beverage and maybe discuss your favorite flavors in order of their appeal and why?

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    • The fact Reed partner with someone like Snoop dogs, makes no sense. An idiot you brags about smoking pot, yea good choice

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      • Nothing wrong with supporting a safer drug than alcohol.

        From today's new Gallup poll:

        "The number of Americans who support the legalization of marijuana has reached a record high of 50 percent, according to Gallup's latest annual crime survey.

        Fifty percent of U.S. adults surveyed Oct. 6-9 expressed support for the legalization of marijuana and 46 percent opposed it—the first time the percentage of supporters outweighed those opposed since Gallup began surveying the topic of legalization in 1969. Since 1969, when 12 percent supported legalization, the percentage of supporters has been steadily increasing,

        The legalization of recreational marijuana was approved in Washington and Colorado on Nov. 6.

        As expected, the youngest adults surveyed, liberals, Democrats and independents were all more likely to favor legalization than their counterparts. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points for all samples."

      • The whole world is up in smoke: CO, WA..................Regardless, your missing the point of good will and for the most part free promotion. The worlds changing as we learned in the election and neither you or myself can alter the landscape and mindsets.

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