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  • jamcracker25 jamcracker25 Mar 25, 2013 9:43 PM Flag

    Should register as REEDS.ORG....not for profit enterprise!

    Everything is organic except organically grown profit.

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    • Earnings:
      2010 $-0.14
      2011 $-0.09
      2012 $-0.05
      2013 ?? just 9 months left and they are already projecting accelerating rev growth (25%- 33%)

      • 2 Replies to investorzee
      • 25 years of selling ginger brew, 12+ years of Virgil, 6+ years as a public company w/ PIPES, convertible preferreds and DEBT and still cannot post a profitable year. CR thinks as long as he is investing for long term growth - he should not be bothered with petty things such as net income and profits...get a grip....every CEO claims to invest for long term growth but that does not exclude one from generating net income...6+ years is a long time for a public company to not show a profit. To spent time on #$%$ labels - which 2 qtrs ago were touted as they find out one can't even read them - go check Goji ginger label - one can go blind trying to about spending precious resources putting labels by hand - they should fire the idiot who came up w/ that bone headed idea of concave bottle + clear labels....even Apple fired the map guy who screwed up. Previous cc CR said looking at $10m to upto $15m in K more like $5m. CR said he is looking @ $50m - $100m opportunity in 3-5 years...think about it....25 years of ginger sales and 12+ years of Virgil sales - combined has NOT generated $50m in sales so far...but K sales can be $50m-$100m in 3-5 years.

      • Those are not earnings....they are losses. Revenue growth has been trumpted for a long time....over 6 years as a public company and no profitable year.

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