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  • daleearth daleearth Jul 10, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    Kombucha labels peeling off and bubbling out.

    Anyone else noticed any issues with the labels bubbling out in sections and peeling off. Seems to be a consistent issue I find on Reed's kombucha bottles at my stores. Some are so bad that half the label is peeling off. Maybe happens from a change in temperatures, especially with it being summer now? Hope this is something the company is addressing as it could be a visual detraction from people buying it.

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    • Has anyone heard whether REED actually acknowledges that their labels are a problem both from a look and feel standpoint (can't read and don't show well on the shelf) and from a quality standpoint (bubbling)? I hope they are not going to be stubborn about realizing the need to adjust. Take a picture of a REEDs K on the shelf and you can clearly see the product does not display well with this current label. It's very hard to see compared to other drinks. Also, the back label is lacking compared to competition. Very little information. Label is hurting what would otherwise be viewed as an elegant-looking entry to the K space. I'm also slightly concerned about the bottle size. It visually looks like less product (and it is less) than GT. I believe many consumers want those extra couple of ounces if you are drinking the product with a meal or want to sip it out of the fridge and feel like you get your money's worth. Even if you have to pay more, people might prefer to do so in order to have larger size. One more question, does anyone know if REEDs does any consumer testing at all prior to making decisions? I'm not talking anything that would be expensive... just put up a table and ask people's opinion. Do they do that? I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who is familiar with details like this.

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      • Sounders27 if I recall jamcracker25 was the first one to be vocal about their labels last year - he/she called it label-gate. The company took a $200k charge because of label related production issues during Q4 2012. During their conference call - a caller did question the company about their label issues - management said they are fixing it. So far I have not seen the new labels - some posters have seen the improved labels. So maybe they are using up the old unreadable labels before all the new bottles have the improved one.
        Yes - GT bottles are slightly bigger content wise.
        I am sure the company did taste test and had consultants. REED was very gung ho about their curved glass bottle for better grip and fancy see through label - but someone dropped the ball as far as readability is concerned. Slowly and slowly they will fix it - very small company - everything takes a bit longer.

    • Yes, it is noticeable that more K labels have been peeling at the edges, esp. over the last few weeks. No idea why the stock boys don't just reattach and smooth out the peeling portions as this takes only a few seconds. However, there shouldn't be any reason why we (Reed's investors) can't go ahead and fix the labels that need fixing, at least until Reed's gets the problem under control. It does not take long and might even give us a better return on our investment.

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