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  • kombuchayum kombuchayum Sep 29, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    My Reed's Kombucha fizzed up when opened

    Lost about 1.25 inches of kombucha when it finally stopped. Luckily I was standing over the sink.

    No, I did not intentionally shake it prior to opening.

    Any way to prevent this?

    By the way, the Lemon Ginger Raspberry is pretty good (aside from the fizzing up). I think I like it better than the Cranberry. I still have yet to try the remaining two flavors in my fridge. Will do so soon.

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    • I take offense that their product stinks, because it doesn't. Some of their Reed's & Virgil's are the best sodas I have ever enjoyed. In fact, I pretty much drink it every day. And so far, the Reed's kombucha that I've had is equal to or better than GT Synergy.

    • I been drinking Reed's K for a few months and only had an issue once. I placed it in my lunch bag and then opened it when I got to work and it fizzed out pretty good, luckily I was able to catch most of it before it made a huge mess. The drive into work with my lunch bag on the floor caused enough vibration to shake it up and make it fizz out when I opened it. I keep it in a cupholder now if I dont drink it before I get to work. So you may have inadvertently shook it somehow?

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      • Thanks to all who have replied so far. I have no idea what happened, whether it got shaken up a little before I bought it, or during the car ride home (or both).

        Obviously it does concern me a little, as an investor and as a consumer. But aside from the fizz, I do enjoy it, and will continue drinking it. The first one I had (Cranberry) fizzed just a little, but did not explode out of the bottle like a shaken-up 2-liter bottle of Coke, like the Lemon did.

        Hopefully it was just an "outlier."

    • Kombucha has a tendency to be very fizzy. However, I have personally never had my Reed's kombucha fizz out of the bottle. It's always been a problem with the GT, but the Reed's seems to be carbonated almost perfectly. So, I don't know how to prevent it with Reed's, other than the fact that maybe you got an outlier among the bottles.

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