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  • meifud meifud Dec 20, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    anyone know what BCLI did when they were Golden Hand Resources

    and where they got that name

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    • I don't know where they got that name from.

      They were founded in 2000 under that former name. At the time, they were a research operation affiliated with Tel Aviv University.

      In 2004 they changed their name to Brainstorm, changed their focus from research to development, bought the license for the stem cell differentiation method (from Tel Aviv University through Ramot), and leased their office space in Petach Tikva.

      Source: company Web site followed by /index.php/news-a-events/53-press-releases/press-releases-2004

      (There is no Canadian mining company in their past.)

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      • So my post above was wrong.

        Prior to founding Brainstorm in the Golden Hand shell in 2004, the research team was employed by the Felsenstein Medical Research Center of Tel Aviv University. There was no entity called Golden Hands within TAU.

        Credit to Meifud.

      • not that simple. google golden hand resources and take a look at insider trading during late 2003 to end of 2004, and you will see where Mike Frankenberger was holding shares of gdnh as president/ceo/cfo of gdnh but then sold those same shares as bcli shares and was listed only as a "former director and officer" of bcli.
        in other google entries, you will see that gdnh was indeed a mining company which had just announced, on 2/10/04, the hiring of a new coo...
        "We are very pleased to acquire the talents of Mr. Hannebauer," states Michael Frankenberger, President and CEO, Golden Hand Resources. "Mr. Hannebauer's experience in the European and Asian regions will provide Golden Hand the opportunity to develop, through acquisition, resource projects in that part of the world."
        and then abruptly on 3/24/04 gdnh says it is reconsidering its mission...
        "Golden Hand Resources Inc. (OTCBB:GDNH) (Frankfurt:GDH) announces the termination of its contract with Mr. Veit Hannebauer as Management Consultant for Business Development - European and Asian Initiatives.
        "We are discontinuing our efforts in Europe and Asia," states Michael Frankenberger, President and CEO, Golden Hand Resources. "Golden Hand is undergoing a reevaluation of its current business model in order to determine if it wishes to continue its mining focus."

        and a couple months later, Frankenberger is selling his gdnh stock as bcli stock and -- BCLI IS BORN OUT OF A CANADIAN MINING COMPANY???

    • it would appear that bcli was a mining company until some time in 2004, and had absolutely nothing to do with cell technology

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