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  • laisherem laisherem Feb 10, 2014 8:57 AM Flag

    Comparison - BCLI Vs. CUR.

    See a comment in Seeking Alpha under CUR

    Both BCLI and CUR operate in the same direction, finding new medical treatment for ALS.
    Both companies are in the same stage of P2.
    CUR is clearly the winner in the financial front, with market valuation of $245M for CUR compare to $42M for BCLI – this is 600% gap. However, this new field has many variables along the way. I would consider the reaction/opinion of patients as a major indication to the ultimate winner in this race. The ALS patients have network that compare the results and with them it is a critical comparison, it is not just money it is death and life. I would try to evaluate this variable with ALS forums and associations.
    BCLI is a development company operating so far in Israel, doing its P2 in Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. It should start its P2 test in three major US hospitals in Q1 2014. The Israeli scientist and entrepreneurs have important advantage of thinking out of the box and being flexible on the road to discover the right solutions. I think that at this early stage of the race the "start-up" nation might be the "David" winning the race. To help you judge BCLI please see the latest:
    Insert of the last link to Yahoo's news: "BrainStorm Issues Annual Letter to Shareholders"

    From pure investment risk reward if the chance is even and if the outcome is one winner that will end up with FDA approval within two years and let's assume this success will generate a $1.2 B market valuation. CUR investors will gain 500% gain, or if BCLI investors win they will gain 2900%.

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    • The comment in Seeking Alpha was the reason for a new article in Seeking Alpha by the same writer.
      "Neuralstem And Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics: The Race To Treat ALS" - By JMY Investments.
      This type of activity expose BCLI story to investors crowd in much larger competitor campany for ALS and bring us potential investors that recognize the Potential in ALS stem Cell medical solution.

    • And also Brainstorm has an easier method of administration to the patient. All else being equal, this gives it greater potential for conditions that are serious but not normally fatal such as Parkinson's. ALS is just the start because it allows for orphan drug, fast track approval and it's easier to attract trial participants.

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