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  • shawnthomason4 shawnthomason4 May 22, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    Everyone here needs to do their own DD

    Don't listen to dutch, the guy that posts youtube clips at everyone, or any of the people saying this is fraud.

    There has been nothing to allege OINK is a fraud. Nothing. Could be a steal could be a fraud.

    Look at TBET.PK...Nothing to allege fraud either even though it got halted.

    There are a lot of similarities between OINK and TBET. Same underwriters, same accountant hired within a few months, and a BOD on both companies.

    Could just be an unfortunate coincidence or something deeper.

    To longs here I have a serious question. Why would OINK still have Youhang Peng as BOD? Seems like they could just fire him and replace him since he doesnt have too big of a job and would relieve fear here...

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    • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor May 23, 2012 10:56 PM Flag

      Geoinvesting caught SCEI and they were also denied access to OINK farms


    • all_theez_smart_folks all_theez_smart_folks May 23, 2012 10:50 PM Flag

      And what does this have to do with OINK? Nothing

    • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor May 23, 2012 10:49 PM Flag

      Our findings prove that the Dongguan facility has been shut down since January 2012, not May 18, 2012. Thus, SCEI’s reported production for Dongguan in the Q-1 2012 cannot be true and they should have been clearly aware of this shut down when it issued its financial “guidance” on both its 2011 year end and 2012 first quarter conference calls. The depths that this company has gone to deceive U.S. investors and regulators is appalling. Equally appalling is the endorsement of the SCEI story by its paid “representatives.”

    • Shawn, did you ever consider that Peng just might turn out to be your best friend? If what that shanghai hawk guy wrote is true, then the board of directors, including Peng, has kept the IPO money in the U.S. specifically because after the old, board-directed TBET CEO was fired, they didn't trust the company anymore. If true, that means you have a chance to get some money back, eventually.

    • Yes DD goes both ways. Look at Tibetfraud.....'s recent post in May about TBET where he advocates accumulation of TBET and that it is being manipulated. (last entry)

      Here are his own words.....

      "After reading your article Shanghai hawk. I concur that being long TBET is accurate. Slow accumulation of cheap shares is the word to and from the wise. This stock is being manipulated to the lowside."

      "tibetfrauduhangpeng" and his sentiment on TBET is "Sentiment : Strong Buy"

      So why is t...fraud here on OINK's board denigrating at every chance? Perhaps a similar motive to drive down shares and accumulate on the cheap...who knows but speculations need to be considered?..and investigated.

      After all that though my impression of poster Shawn is that he does seem sincere, by reference to his posts... and was simply caught by the TBET situation. Perhaps the same happened to Hang Peng. Perhaps he was taken advantage of by others at TBET. After all Hang Peng is (by the facebook entry) in American and perhaps he was duped by those overseas in China.

      Still, personally I would like to see Peng resign but am not in favor of the lynch mob mentality demanding he be fired any more that I would demand Shawn be fired from his job due to his making a poor investment decision.

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      • Running the price down so he can pick up shares - probably it.

        Initially, Shawn and the other TBETers posts were completely understandable. They feel like (and probably correctly) they got burned by a Chinese fraud, and saw the one of the board members and the auditors overlapped with OINK, so just wanted to make people aware of that. That was fine.

        What we've seen since goes way beyond that. Either a childish need to be right (about something) or a desire to drive share price down. That's the only two things I can figure.

      • The same day t...fraud advocates buying TBET the very same t.fraud posts here about OINK!

        "They will believe when stock is probably halted eventually."

        If you try to click view messages to check up on his posting history you will get an error page. Why? one can only speculate that perhaps he is trying to cover his tracks.

        What do you think of this Shawn?