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  • mifleh_g mifleh_g Aug 25, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    Golden cross about to meet anytime next week

    You all know what this means

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    • This means that I will be taking out some hefty profits incrementally.

      The Golden Cross is a chart pattern when the short term moving average (50 day moving average) was below the long term moving average (200 day moving average), but it crosses above the long term moving average. This is typically seen as a strong bullish signal when confirmed by the volume.

      The significance of the Golden Cross Signal is that those who believe in it will act upon it by buying the stock and cause a spike along with rising volume; and those who use superior indicators and have already bought the stocks weeks or months earlier will get a chance to take out some profits.

      For those who believe in the Golden Cross as a Bullish Signal, I must add that it is not just the rising short term moving average crossing the long term moving average which is important, but more so the rate at which it is rising (i.e. increasing at an increasing or increasing at a decreasing rate). This is determined by geometrical (charting) or mathematical (second derivative of the function) methods.