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  • chinarallpigsaccountedfor chinarallpigsaccountedfor Oct 18, 2013 10:09 PM Flag

    Youhang Peng is a director of this company. He should be executed

    Thief stole millions of dollars from shareholders of TBET now delisted for Fraud from directors. Check the symbol out. Also Google Youhang Peng and OINK. How OINK WOULD ALLOW SUCH A PIG ON THEIR BOARD OF DIRECTORS SHOWS THEIR INCOMPETENCE.. YOUHANG PENG IS NOW IN HIDING AS HE MAY BE EXECUTED.

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    • Enough! Your language is extreme and I suggest to all to report this post to Yahoo.
      1. This is a threating post
      2. Deceptive and Untrue.

      In addition, consider also reporting to the SEC.

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    • wizardofwheeler Oct 19, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

      Tianli fired him soon after the TBET fraud. He is NOT on the board here.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • He is not on the board. This post is intended to mislead the readers into thinking that TBET and OINK were made of the same cloth. But according to the SEC filing, "On October 17, 2013, our Board of Directors appointed Mr. Wei Gong as a Class I director to serve until the 2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, or his earlier death, resignation or removal." This is the person who recently purchased the shares for $1.16 and will soon be issued additional shares. This of course was a good development along with the news concerning growing retail sales resulting in a higher price, but given the number of shares Mrs. Li and associates hold, I now think that there is a good possibility that OINK is being set up to go private and much of the recent trading history (last 12-14 month) is related to this effort. That is not necessarily a bad thing given the prices many of us relative newcomers have paid for the stock. But if the firm is going private, what will be the buyout price? OINK's IPO was at $6.00 and at the current price I can't see an offer much above $3.00. However, given the recent developments and company guidance, OINK can easily surpass this price after several consistent positive earnings. I like to hear from old-timers who are familiar with the company and its past performance. Anyone here from around the time of the IPO.

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