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  • gormdd540 gormdd540 Aug 3, 2012 4:05 AM Flag

    EKDKQ has gained more than 127% in the last one month. should never ride any stock down 73%.
    10% is the MAX you should go down.
    We buy stocks hoping they go up.
    Instead,if they go DOWN 10%,it is saying"You were wrong".
    Get out and re-analyze.
    It is extremely important to have correct timing when you buy or sell a stock.
    Best rule I know is BUY WHEN THE 5SMA IS JUST TURNING UPWARDS,SELL WHEN IT IS JUST TURNING DOWNWARDS. Go to your favorite stock chart site,and check the action-vs.-result on any stock,any time-line base,with a 5sma overlay.
    ten-day charts are easiest to examine to see this relationship.It even works on ekdkq,which is wildly fluctuating (like up 35% one time on 8/2,then later on 13%, then back to 335 OR so.
    This system boils down to MOMENTUM TRADING but so what? The big pros make a living doing just that.
    The 5sma is most important..I have analyzed the other emas, but this one is the best,and most respnsive.
    5SMA is the 5-day smoothed moving average of a stock.