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  • stockboardguy stockboardguy Aug 7, 2012 9:17 PM Flag

    Google and company will win this war

    Im with you truetrader!

    Apple and msn got the Nortel treasure trove, but this time, they cant afford to lose it!

    Apple has shown the whole world that these patents are their Achilles heal and can take them down- hard!

    They showed the world just how scared they are of these patents by trying to steal them, trying to hold up the sale, trying to discredit them, then at the same time saying they own them!

    We are part of history!


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    • Yep. From what I've read, AAPL is trying to outdo the Feds on that "doublespeak" gig.

      Fortunately, I speak English, ManSpeak, DoubleSpeak, and have learned much FedSpeak. Simply a Bonus of growing up in Alaska, where the roads are few, and the options are fewer.

      A very tidy way to keep CONtrol, so to speak.