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  • yaharata yaharata Aug 14, 2012 11:07 PM Flag

    just a few more days of agony. R.I.P Kodak

    You were good, but pos BOD and AP screwed you, baby. See you in some other dimension. Chapter 7 is coming. The proposed business plan is a joke. It will never happen. Seven years of losses. Non stop. Even Jesus cannot save what AP and company did so far. R.I.P.

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    • K you're mad after Kodak ..

      And you think we need you to tell us what to do...

      Thx for your volunteering but I'll stop wasting my time with you.

      Just one last thing . Don't act life if you know everything you might be very Surprised.
      You're just a person with your opinions , you can not impose your thoughts over me or anyone here . No matter what you do, say or think , tomorrow will take care of itself .
      I will continue to follow the ones who are truely hired for Kodak to be successful Instead of following people like you yaharata.

    • To save your little miserable romantic, believe-whatever-they-say, naive, out of this capitalistic world, known nothing, business lackable, pro- follower, AP admirable, not believable in real wolrd scenarious, like a child, money wasteable, not listenable, not anderstandable, big picture lackable, book not like readable, real life lessons not followable, seven years of losses not truckable, AP aaaasssesss kissable, printer business not understandable, get a life not followable, late in thw night cryable, mommy lookable, narrow rangeable soul! That's why.

    • Tell me just why you put so much effort to try to convince me to sell ?

    • You are pathetic! Told you to sell half... I am doing you a favour. What do you know? Kodak will sell the patents for billions - 4,5, 7, 12 bill. Wake up and get a drink, dude. This is it. Kodak is dead

    • lllloooollll

      yOU guys ALL have the same story ! to tell ! You repeat ALWAYS the same !

      You guys have all learned the same thing to say.

      You guys know NOTHING it's so much fun to see you desperately bash all the time !

    • Nice, i live that, seriously!

    • Lol, such a dreamer you are! Who gives a shhhit about patents thsat will expire in a couple of years. Yeah, thats right in just a couple of years, baby. The frontrunner wad claimed as invalid - whats the value of the others? You think you know bettet? Common sence - if they were valuable enough they would have sold ling time ago. Period. Ill say that again - no more than 800 mill. Guarateed.

    • I'm currently sitting in a lumberjack outfit in my igloo doing some ice fishing. I just got back from beaver hunting, got some nice pelts. My dogsled team is fast asleep around me. Ma just salted some tasty caribou meat for me, gotta go!

    • LLOLOL Superbowl and yaharata

      You guys are real poor stupid people WOW !! You guys pretend to know something but you are NOT. How dumb and retards you guys can be !!?

      Why going in such an AUCTION if it's not even for billions ? Why over 10 companies involved with the process, the biggest names on the planet if it's just for not even 500M like you're saying.... YOU guys are not there in your mind !!!! You guys are not living in the same world as we are. !!!
      2 consortiums Apple against ANDROID, the biggest war ever and YOU SAY THEY WILL NEVER SEE 500M !!!!!!!!!!! APPLE teaming up with Microsoft, They never teamed up before to compete against ALL ANDROIDE.. and you guys are talking BS this way !!!

    • I agree that the forward business plan is a joke, but if EK can shutters all unprofitable segments (They have zero value) and keep the Printer Business, and elevate the ridiculous GP of 17% to 50%, they can become a nice, growing, profitable company. That Business model would generate around 2 Billion in revenue the first year. It would be like the 1974 ALbum called FleetWood MAC.

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