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  • gormdd540 gormdd540 Aug 15, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

    In my imagination I just sold my shares for $40 and retired to a nudist island in the tropics

    If EKDKQ does't pan out,I am going to NYC for a month,as a street singer and earn back my lost wad (the MONEY wad,stupid).
    Did you know you can stay in a nice but very small room in a nice hotel on Lexington,about 2 blocks from St. Patricks for $50 a nite? Actually $60. after all the NYC taxes.
    I believe it was Arlington Arms.
    The rooms are small because in WWII they cut the rooms in half to double the occupancy on the whole 4th. floor, and never changed them back.Rest of the hotel is classy.
    You can go on the cheap,taking a bus from airport to a Metro station (Roosevelt),then come up a block from the hotel,and walk in.
    No taxis.
    A short walk east to old 2nd.avenue,a neat old neighborhood where you can eat a full rotisserie chicken dinner for about $5 now.
    See the travel book,"Let's go NYC" ,the savings on the taxi alone pays for the book.
    They have titles on every major city or country that you can imagine.Still have my 30 year old copy of "Let's go Spain,Portugal and Morocco",well worn.
    Great read,told about a dump in Morroco that had so many roaches,that the owner would make lots of noise and kick the door a few times,to alert the roaches to hide.True.

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