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  • tripods Nov 19, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    Super Long Kodak origins?

    Did it start with Kenny/Pro's buying in 2011? ie when Kodak was in the 1 to 3 buck region?

    I remember visiting this board several years ago when the stock was 7 to 10 and do not remember all the super long cheerleading at all.

    Today there is is oddball insane pumping by some and attacks on others of us who weigh the risks and hokem by Kodaks rotten management. It seems rational dialog is quashed and any tiny tidbit of positive is called a giant Kodak victory.

    Eons ago Kodak went over 90 bucks a share; a few years back it paid a dividend.

    Having seen so many Kodak CEO's predict that a turnaround is "just around the corner"; I ponder what joy juice (last year?) made the current 'SUPER LONG/PROS" so goofy positive that anything will really change. Is it that they are in gobs of shares at 1 to 3 bucks and need a dead cat bounce
    to cut losses?

    Perez was been at the helm far too long. Under his rein the dividend has been dropped and the stock dropped over 130 time and the company is in bankruptcy. Still the super longs worship his sorry bum and think he is the correct guy to fix Kodak

    It is odd how the BOD and dumb folks cling to Perez as an expert or think he is the guy to fix Kodak.

    At what point did this current super longs get so goofy?

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    • Yeah dolphin is right. I started following Kodak in early 2011 when Kodak filed the lawsuit against Apple. I watched and studied it for several months before I started posted as smellyfox1 in June 2011 when stock was around $3.50.

      Pro was posting here under his other alias back when Kodak was around $5.50. I think dolphin and others were already having fierce debate with Pro way back then.

    • Just like in the recent election there was a lot of bullying misinformation that went out trying to influence voters in a last minute desperation move. Likewise, every time those of us who are critical of the #$%$-poor EK management make a statement there is a reply from those who accuse us of being boiler room shorts people (reverse bullying tactic?). I know my/our comments can stand the light of day and history bears it out, but you gotta wonder who is behind all this cheer-leading and incessant pumping and trying to squash negative opinions of the stock or management. It's funny how they can never back up their opinion with facts, but just keep on repeating their bullying stance as if they think they can succeed in making it happen or making us go away. In the end (and the end IS coming) they will just disappear into the woodwork and not be around to face the music. Never mind, I will stand proud on my opinions and anyone who happened to be sitting on the fence will see the absurd pumpers for what they were on that day. Anyone got another marshmallow for the fire while we wait? :-P

    • "... Did it start with Kenny/Pro's buying in 2011? ie when Kodak was in the 1 to 3 buck region? ..."

      No, "Pro", aka onceaphilosopher at that time, started at greater $5.5 ... he came to this message board before Jan 24, 2011 ... still influenced by the LG/Samsung win and the recent Nortel patent sale, but knowing aquat about print and digital imaging, he gambled on a $1B+ win for Kodak in the first patent ruling of Judge Luckern ... it did not work out ... based on commentary, he averaged down in the $3's, when Kodak announced they'd sell the patents, and AP and his BOD started to buy common shares themselves ... I remember that pump ... it did not work out either ... and then he was forced to push his head deeper and deeper into the sand with every month that passed ... since I haven't heard from him, I fear he might have suffocated at some point ...