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  • rochester00126 rochester00126 Nov 22, 2012 8:21 PM Flag

    How does it feel

    LOSER LONGS to have bought this stock in the $1.50 to $6.50 range over the last couple years and then continue to buy as it raced down below 25 CENTS just to lower your avg PPS price only to see it go in the teens with no hope in sight?
    Even though your avg PPS price is now below a dollar think about all the additional money you invested to get there just so when it goes to ZERO you can say "I was only in it at 65 cents a share" - that is a typical LOSER LONG strategy. And be sure you don't tell anybody what your actual TOTAL investment dollars were!
    If you had only listened to us WINNERS and eaten your losses at your initial investment point think how much better off you would be today!
    Well got to run - time to count my EK profits from the last couple of years - HAHAHA!!!

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    • if the shares are guaranteed cancelled, then why did roch cover?, lol . . . he said he's counting his money . . .

      even WAMUQ didn't get cancelled, lol . . .

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      • livingonaprayer, WAMU was cancelled you dumb Imbecile. Now you have proven YOU have no clue....

      • rogerxavier Nov 24, 2012 7:52 AM Flag

        "even WAMUQ didn't get cancelled, lol . . ."

        Uh, yeah it did.
        As did the preferred shares of Washington Mutual,Inc.

        In exchange the common shares were granted 1 share of WMIH(the reorganized parent company of Washington Mutual Bank) for every ~ 30 shares of WAMUQ they held IF they voted to grant releases to a number of creditors, the FDIC and just about everybody else involved in the bank takedown.
        The preferred shares were ~ 2 WMIH for 1 Wamu K series and 19 WMIH for 1 WAMU P series.That shareholders survived at all was due to very active individual shareholder involvement and a strong Equity Committee.Neither of which exist in the Kodak Chapter 11 case.

        WMIH is currently trading below 50 cents.

        All bonds were paid in full with interest.

        There is no active shareholder ad hoc nor an EC committee nor enough money (in the WAMU BK there was nearly $7 Bn settlement for creditors and money left over) in EKDKQ for shareholders to even contemplate the arrangement that WAMU shareholders wrested away from JPMC and multiple other creditors including some of the hedge funds involved with Kodak's BK.

        EDKDQ is going to fall to around 3 cents when the DS of the POR is released and will be cancelled on the Effective Date of the Plan of Reorganization.

        The sad part is that those still holding or buying more EKDKQ Know virtually nothing about how corporate Bk works and the intrinsic value guy who knows jack was able to corral so many to fleece.

      • Cover WHAT? - as I have stated MANY times - after riding it down for the last 2+ years to just over $1 - I was satisfied with ALL my PROFITS and went to the sidelines to count my PROFITS and watch the LOSER LONGS go BROKE - that would be YOU - HAHAHA!!!
        All you have to do is read my post history - I predicted EK would file BK back as early as APRIL 2011 - it is there for you to read in black and white LOSER!

        Must be terrible to be in your shoes with Christmas coming and your investment going to ZERO!

        How does it feel to be such a big LOSER?

    • Wrongchester...are you rewriting history again?
      You are the one who lost his career (former EK employee)
      You are the one who lost his retirement/ pension...(dependant of EK)
      You are the one who lost almost everything in your EK 401k (company stock)
      You are the one who has been left bitter and without hope.
      You are simply using us longs to "project" your own disappointment onto...
      I don't care that you do least be honest about..#$%$..!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hey IDIOT get your FACTS straight at least once okay.
        FACT 1 - I RESIGNED from EK to work at IBM!
        FACT 2 - I left EK in the late 70's with less than 7 years of service - no pension accrued.
        FACT 3 - there was no 401K at that time - so none to lose!
        FACT 4 - RETIRED at age 59 from IBM with FULL PENSION and MASSIVE 401K!
        FACT 5 - I have been 100% CORRECT in all of my EK predictions for the last 2+ years!
        FACT 6 - YOU have been 100% WRONG on all of your EK predictions and take out your LOSER frustrations on the WINNERS!
        FACT 6 - I have chewed you (and all your alias's) up and spit you out too many times to count on this MB!

        The FACTS speak for themselves - deal with them LOSER!