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  • cswift71 cswift71 Nov 24, 2012 2:56 PM Flag

    Why do the board regulars

    Want EK commons to be cancel SO badly? Just a question you need to ask yourself. They work long and hard even on a holiday weekend just to let you know that EK commons are getting canceled FOR SURE...when in reality....they have no clue what is going to happen.

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    • "Hey nottoswift - I have to admit it does get boring sometimes counting my PROFITS and I do enjoy reminding you LOSERS (especially a few like you) how WRONG you were about EK - HAHAHA!!!.
      You and I are the classic definition of the difference between a winner and a loser.
      In this game since I have my PROFITS and you have your LOSSES that makes you the LOSER! How does it feel to be the LOSER and watching your investment continually go towards ZERO with no hope - not even a miracle - in site?
      And does it make you feel better that you chased the PPS down and continued to invest your families money and buy just so you could say - "Well, I was only it for under 65 cents a share" when it finally cancels?
      FACTS are FACTS - deal with em LOSER!"

      I must admit you do come across as somebody that I should trust. You are very well spoken. Again I ask...if you made so many profits...why are you here? Would you not be out enjoying those huge profits? I know I would.

    • "As opposed to you who spends a considerable amount of time here being a trolling turd?"

      I have a financial interest in Kodak. That is why I am here. You?

    • "I have been posting here since the stock was in the $5 range. The idiot pro, under one of his other names, was pumping this stock like there was no tomorrow. My posts were of the nature that investors should beware, that this company had serious financial issues and a long history of failing investors. I was immediately labled a "basher". My concern was that there would be new investors who would fall for the easy money scenerio and end up losing their shirts by listening to this nonsense and ill-research the pumpers were selling. And that's what happened to a lot of people. I believe your administrator on your board bet the farm (literally) and is worried sick that he may lose it. I now realize most of your board members have little to do with investing and everything to do with gambling and get rich schemes. And if you trully believe that AP and the Board are out of the picture, you will certainly lose more than you already have."

      Thank you for your concern for my $$. I am sure everybody else is as thankful as I that we have such guardian angels looking over our shoulders. I am not sure what we would do without your daily reminding of how worthless Kodak and its stock is. I guess another question I would ask is that if your 'investing' is so well done....why are you posting here on a message board?

    • I would suggest you have no clue either on what's going to happen. Yet on your pumper board all you guys do is talk about going to Thailand and Vegas, the stock going to $10 -$30 etc. Why have you not told your board members they "have no clue what is going to happen" ?? And based on past history of pumpers saying the stock will not be delisted, the company will not go BK, their is a stalking horse bid, the patents will go for 5-10 billion dollars last August, I would say the odds are not in your favor at all.

    • I already told you people are not spending their whole day here (as you love to keep insisting). Secondly we do it to punish your pee sized brain. You remind me of a chicken who keeps pecking at his own image in a mirror and keeps repeating over and over and just doesn't get it. (there you go it took me 2 min. I'll be sweeping by again in a few hours to see if your beak is bloody yet.) :-P

    • I still find it interesting that they spend so much time telling everybody this is a worthless stock. I just wonder why.

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      • Swift, I left SBG's message board because of "Sunshine" pumpers such as yourself, that have a rather poor knowledge base when it comes to the financial markets. I found the constant "conspiracy" theory drivel about everything from Market-Makers and their behavior, to the short interest to be quite boring. It added zero value.

        To be quite honest, I'd stop obsessing over why people continue to "bash" Kodak.
        At the end of the day, that's not going to move the needle.

        But perhaps your command of the "facts" regarding Kodak is not where it should be.
        As a result, you have little to offer but mere counter-attacks to all of the "bashers".

        I've pointed out on several occasions that there are a number of people on these boards that have HUGE EGOS.

        People like Arctic on one side of the fence, and others like that Pro character that has been wrong on more occasions that one has hands.

        That's the "answer" to your question.
        But for some bizarre reason, you fail to accept it and move on to something more important and constructive regarding the issues facing Kodak.

    • Swifty, It's a form of self-gratification.
      It's a way that a common doosh can sound remotely informed and self righteous.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No clue? who needs a clue? Everyone with a brain knows the common is Worthless except YOU!
      Get a clue!

    • Having no EK stock I do no stand to gain or lose. (there is no short position that people insist I must have). I'm sure most people here are just waiting to see those pumpers lose their shirt (I feel bad for people who were taken in by the pumpers, but not too bad because they should have performed DD and researched the horrible management history and lack of future revenues) For all you greedy pumpers counting your millions and buying your vacations on the Riviera before the final bell you deserve the rude awakening that's coming.