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  • goldentouchbronx goldentouchbronx Dec 11, 2012 4:54 PM Flag

    Circle jerk is an understatement

    I have been reading the other board for a while and I need to tell you that to label the other board as a circle jerk is like saying kodak is losing a little money.

    They have banned anybody that has to say anything negative about kodak

    They ban anyone that says they have sold out their position

    Just a bunch of people throwing around half truths (about the state of kodak) about full lies (about the possibility of a buyout any time in the near future)

    Nothing is being said in the realm of reality, its either 3000% gains (min) or if you dont agree banned

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    • tripods Dec 12, 2012 8:06 AM Flag

      The super Kodak pumpers are more like a religion or cult than a rational critical group who weighs a bankrupt companies risks.

      Part of being in a cult is to reject others data; ie only the cults stance is to be accepted as correct.

      PRO's investment company in Malibu Calif is listed in a few places on google as a religious organization; thus the cult like pumping of Kodak makes a lot of sense,

      PRO must have been thus been bested by AP's cult like dialog in 2011 and thus believed and thus bought in the 1 to 3 dollar range.

      Since now Pro is deeply underwater with Kodak stock he needs others to buy and thus lift the Kodak turd stock so he can bail and break even.

      Folks who are in cults are often hard wired to believe what they want to believe. Thus last year I though AP's dialog was total horse manure and Pro thought it was great that thus invested big in Kodak.

      ie cult like person got bested by another cult like speaker.

      Kodak may or may not be around as the same common shares in another year.

      The super pro pumpers believe it is a sure thing.

      Us neutral folks are thus bashed as outsiders; to be damned since we are not in the cult.

    • It is classic entertainment. Just to watch SBG flip his nut and threaten to ban someone with a different point of view is hysterical. The poor basturd is about to lose his house and has creditors calling him up and he just keeps pumping away. He says he has balls. HINT HINT to SBG. Balls ain't nothing without brains. They all thought they would be rich last August and now they have their fingers crossed for 2013. One delay after another and more money tied up on this POS stock. Just incredible.

    • goldie - appreciate you confirming what I have been saying about the nUts forum all along!

    • So what you guys doing here? To listen to another cirlce of jerks like WSJ and Conboy? Real smart, eh?

    • Yet you keep trying to gather information and access to the site. That alone is comical beyond belief.

    • Just like I imagined. A pumper cult ..... When is "Jim Jones" going to hand out the kool-aid?

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      • I tried to share some OBJECTIVE opinions over at SBG's blog but it was only a matter of time before I was labeled a "short" or a "basher" by idiots like CSwift and all of the other Clowns over there that claim that they all bought into Kodak at .29 cents a share.

        After about 3 months and no sign of a"timely" DI Patent auction, I requested to SBG to have my account terminated.

        I'm glad I did.
        Far too much Jim Jones "Kool-Aid" being drunk over there for my tastes.
        I'd swear that 90% of them were under the age of 25, with very little knowledge base about the financial markets.

        Oh well.
        Live and Learn.

      • Anyone with an opinion is banned (even their token basher arctic) to the point were it is just people saying;

        jojo- kodak is going to be bought out for 10 a share

        swift- no kodak will be bought out for 15 a share

        marriot-use your brains, samsung is waiting in the bushes for $20 a share

        anyone with a brain- what about their debt

        sbg- your banned, obviously you have no financial interest in the company and are here just to bash