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  • rochester00126 rochester00126 Jan 4, 2013 7:32 PM Flag

    Uprob delusional and a legend in his own mind

    Updated.robot post Dec 30 - "Kiddo --- I made my money when I sold couple month ago on the spike..."

    UP_YOURS, you are delusional and a BSing legend in your own mind!
    The spike occurred on Fri, Aug 3 and Mon, Aug 6 and NO WHERE during that time did you post that you sold.

    Now, FIVE MONTHS later - AFTER you held too long (and ignored my advice to you LOSER LONGS to sell and minimize your losses and sell at that time) - do you say you sold at that time.

    HAHAHA - what a documented BSing total LOSER LONG you are - a legend in your own mind just like your mentors usedpro4lactic and SBG!

    Up_yours, we have shown you to be a BSing LOSER LONG. All you have to do to prove we are wrong about you is show us your post from those two trading days where you say you sold then!

    Can't do it LOSER LONG because you didn't sell on the spike - HAHAHA!!!

    You LOSE, we WIN - AGAIN!

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