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  • sports_jjunkie sports_jjunkie Jan 7, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    Looks like FujiFilm is ahead for the CVS RSS Units

    In the news, JK Imaging getting license for EK consumer products which leaves FujiFilm as one of the players for the CVS RSS Units. I doubt that CVS would approve a 4 year agreement if JK Imaging was the factor behind the deal.

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    • there is great significance and value in the Kodak name

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      • there is great significance and value in the Kodak name

        To who? Not the public. Where's the value? Film, cameras, printers, batteries, Bayer Asprin,tapes, cd's,Philps milk of Mag., Minwax, Formby's Refinisher, super glue, Verbatim, copiers, medical equipment, micro-film, scanners, ink, paper, toners, all of these products and many others were under the Kodak name but not anymore so where is the value, they don't make any consumer products anymore they just deal with services few people have heard of. I live in a big city and I never have been in a CVS, its a drug store right? They never existed here untill rumor that the state was going to turn over liquior sales from the "State Stores" to private stores but that never happen. Why go there for anything thing else when your tripping over Walmarts? Nobody cares about kiosks if they own a computer, and most don't know what they are. What's a "RRS"?

        Kodak is out of products to sell . All that's left on the consumer side is small services that few use.

    • "consumer product" - key word in the article. Meaning that Kodak will continue to own the kiosks.

      Secondly after you sign a contract you do not have a say unless you had it written in the contract prior.

      Since your a sports guy lets put it in sports terms, a-rod signs a 10-year 250 million dollar deal. Once the deal is inked he can not say that he does not want to be traded.