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  • diamondrockvegas diamondrockvegas Jan 12, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Credits to Abraham on this topic

    Quoting the 8k from Rob Abrahams message last night.
    Pursuant to the Stock Transfer Agreement, FlashPoint will relinquish and release the license rights and covenants not to sue granted by Kodak to FlashPoint pursuant to certain development agreements with Kodak, and its rights to all other patents owned by Kodak, and Kodak will transfer certain shares of FlashPoint stock to FlashPoint, shares of stock of Modesmata Corporation
    ("Modes mata") to Modes mata, and shares of stock of Hanei Corporation ("Hanei")
    to Hanei. Subject to certain conditions, FlashPoint will pay to Kodak approximately $1.68 million in connection with the share transfer and release.

    The FlashPoint Settlement Agreement and Stock Transfer Agreement will terminate if the Sale Agreement is terminated prior to Closing, or if the Final Sale Order is not approved prior to the Closing in a manner that approves the FlashPoint Agreements.

    MrAbraham i seriously do not know what this means myself. I have no answer. Kodak transferring shares of Flashpoint? Just wondering if and when the finalization is complete there is more in detail underworkings taking place yet unannounced? I think there is a concluded sale with yet unannounced details, further making this statement in the 8k a mystery to myself. It could mean nothing as well. You brought up a good point on the private message board. Did you get any answers from members? Any conclusions over there over your respected point. I am seriously clueless myself. Honest answer MrAbraham. Good question by the way. I think SBG should give you an answer myself. I think he should redeem himself to answer your question.
    As for other members that got axed from the private message board and private members that partake in discussions over there. I presume any talk of chapter 7 will get you axed out of the private message board. Any discussion of anything that is negative will get you banned. Ok thats my conclusion of the state of affairs on the private message board. I presume Pro and Arcticfox are undercover now at the private message board as well. Stockboard are you going to police your private message board? Are you Pro? I have come a conclusion on this board today and my brain is telling me this right now. Is the private message board created to protect the viability of Pros shareholders that invested with him? Just curious but entertaining to say the least. I just dont know if objective negativity is allowed on the private board. Its freedom of speech that makes a board good. Bashers who bash and pumpers who pump you can give warnings too but never a complete takeout amd ban. Suspensions i would approve of but never outright ban. Why Stockboard? I can partake in discussions with you here. If and when private members discuss issues with me here i might join your group but till then i remain here and or when your rules of engagement change for all members at the private message board. 3 warnings and 30 day suspensions for all private members is fair. I am only talking from the outside stockboard, provide your group members with a set of details that are rigid but never a full outright ban. Its the internet stockboard and as you can see i am posting on the yahoo message board. Engage conversation with intelligent posters. It builds a shareholder base. Do not damn the shareholder base because you ban members from your private group. Showing respect to all members in good faith. Good day to all. .....

    PS pursuant to development agreements with Kodak? more detail please!
    PS Kodak will transfer certain shares of Flashpoint, Modesmata, and shares of Hanei? Flashpoint will pay Kodak 1.68 million to Kodak with the connection of said share transfer. I am confused. I guess there will be more details released when the Final Sale is approved until then, i myself, remain confused today on these new matters from the 8K i did not see till now. Sure makes for fodder thought

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    • DRV,

      I appreciate your comments and thoughts regarding the private board. I have been involved with a number of these private boards and I can tell you that the posting guidlines and process we have in place is used by a number of private boards. There is nothing harsh about it.

      Some people just want to post #$%$ and ruffle feathers. They have no real value to add to any comment or thread. these people only want to #$%$ people off and continue to cause trouble. You've see one very active poster here on Yahoo that is doing that to almost every thread you start.

      Of course, he is entitled to his opinion and he is entitled to post it (on a public forum). So he can place his soap box on any public street corner and yell at the top of his lungs. But on a private forum, we don't allow #$%$ to start or continue.

      If these individuals posted actual "mature information", such as data or opinions backed by some rational data/reasoning that EK was going to file BK7 or other actions, then we would engage these rational discussions. But if they are going to sit around spewing immature comments and trying to start conflicts, we will ban them from posting.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is you are, again, entitled to your opinions and entitled to stay here on yahoo and deal with these people. We created the other board so that we could have a mature, professional and engaging discussion about all aspects of our investment in EK - without having to deal with the immature posters over here on Yahoo.

      I trust you understand the difference. Let me try to put it in simple terms.

      The other board is for adults
      The yahoo board is "Romper Room" and it clearly shows.

    • no go to otter bored dey stoopid over dare sbg frootkake he meen old stoopid he lyke wen sumwon hav 100hp pump kodak hay!! me smart mabe kodak shood make pumps! lol

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      • 1 Reply to updated_retard
      • Kodak is being valued because they are being bought out, the buyer and Kodak are doing DD on what the company is worth so an accurate buyout offer can be made.

        A well known merger "closer" was brought in in the court docs a few weeks ago.

        Kodak will be bought out any day now.

        Of course, everyone on the evil "private" board has known this for weeks.

        While DRV continues to toll in quiet solitude on the "bashers and retards" board.

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