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  • rochester00126 rochester00126 Jan 13, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

    Is kodak.boards.nuts forum for you

    1. Have you bought EK above $1.00 and still holding?
    2. Are you underwater with your EK investment?
    3. Are you so insecure that you refuse to want to read any FACTUAL information about EK because it describes a PPS that is going to ZERO?
    4. Do you want to avoid reading any FACTS posted about EK by those that have made money of EK over the last 3 years?
    5. Are so embarrassed about being so wrong on your EK MB postings that you needed to create multiple alias's?
    6. Do you enjoy nightly circle jerks with the biggest EK LOSER LONGS?
    7. Do you hate the FACT that I have been 100% CORRECT on my EK predictions over the last 2+ years and you have not been able to prove me wrong a single time?

    If the above items describe you then the NUTS forum is for YOU - hope you enjoy the circle jerk - HAHAHA!!!

    In the meantime remember where you heard it first - this PPS is going to ZERO!

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