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  • updated.robot updated.robot Jan 14, 2013 4:28 AM Flag

    DRV, Just tell us what you believe is going to happen in a simple sentence

    We need to get CockRocher (Rochester) to buy some Kodak stocks and quit being short - and since he is so stupid and does not understand sheeet .. can you plz tell us in a short simple sentence what you think is going to happen ... when do you expect the PPS to rocket? Thxx

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Up_yours, I have said it before - I plan to buy EK stock - as soon as the current shares are cancelled and new ones issued - I will be first in line to buy the new shares!
      And when I leave the broker's office I will toss a quarter in your tin cup - HAHAHA!!!

    • lol stoopid broter robot you got gloo in wire lol yu no smart enuff to no aneeting about kodak..yu no studee no ting u want peeple tell yu kodak to da moooon! yu baboon lol me rime agin...mommy say to yu to kwit wetting pants lol

      Sentiment: SBG, CSWIFT Moronic #$%$ Dirtbag