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  • sports_jjunkie sports_jjunkie Mar 1, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

    Commitment Parties New Money Loans 8K File 3/01/2013

    When I saw the list, its like EK never went into BK because these are the entities that capitalized EK prior. Looks like Blackstone(GSO) made a strong commitment to EK .

    D.E. Shaw Group held 967,693 million shares of common stock and Archview LP held 500,000 shares of common stock going into BK. This was an article published on January 31, 2012. I doubt that they sold any shares and would like to see minimum dilution of shares on exit from BK.

    Longs lets see if we can repeat AMR.

    Commitment Parties New Money Loans

    Archview Investment Group, LP (“Archview”) $ 30,489,163

    Bennett Management Corporation (“Bennett’) 81,233,178

    Capital Ventures International (“Capital Ventures”) 44,357,591

    Contrarian Capital Management, LLC (“Contrarian’) 36,875,587

    D.E. Shaw Galvanic Portfolios, L.L.C., and D.E. Shaw Heliant Portfolios, L.L.C. (“D.E. Shaw”) 26,721,440

    GoldenTree Asset Management LP (“GoldenTree”) 32,332,943

    GSO Capital Partners LP 58,244,189

    J.P. Morgan Securities, LLC or its affiliates 23,521,425

    Litespeed Master Fund Ltd. (“Litespeed”) 38,478,874

    Serengeti Asset Management LP (“Serengeti”) 18,170,579

    Silver Point Capital, L.P. (‘Silver Point”) 17,422,379

    Stone Lion Capital Partners L.P. (“Stone Lion”) 31,370,971

    UBS AG, Stamford Branch or its affiliates 15,781,683

    Total Commitments $ 455,000,000

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    • These are the members of Commitment Party Members that held Equity Prior to BK.

      Archview Investment Group

      D. E. Shaw

      J. P. Morgan


      If existing Equity is to survive, the above Commitment Parties would like a small amount of New Equity as possible to become part of the New Organizational Structure.

      The next 45 days are crucial to EK's furture.