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  • thekid_insect thekid_insect Mar 3, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Proforkodak is BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!!

    Wow! its great to have such a genius back posting! His knowledge of valuation is unmatched(or should I say inaccurate)! The fact that he still Lies to people about the common stock having a possible future is typical Pro4 nonsense. Pro's current valuation will prove too high like always and BK valuations are no more than 6 times current EBITDA. Kodaks current EBITDA is anyones guess(but it sure aint positive). Estimates for next year are 160-170 million. Forget the RE holdings(no company gets value for that(why do you think accounting rules require RE to be kept on the books at purchase price?)) unless they are sold. Kodaks BK valuation will be worth 5 or 6 times the 160 estimate at best. It will be a hard sale to the Bk judge tho because kodak never meets their estimates and all investors know these numbers could be complete BS. Once again, common is worthless. The only reason its .20 is all BK stocks take on a life of their own. It could very well be .05 cause everyone with a brain knows it has no value. By PRO miraculously reappearing after the fact and telling us how it made better sense to switch from common to bonds now with the stock being .20 is like monday morning Quarterbacking because the stock is worthless NOW. The fact that its trading so high is just a gift for the intelligent to sell to people like cswift, joe and SBG who just like to dream cause they saw AMR go from .30 to $2.50. Who could have imagined that kodak would trade to .14 before the auction and then after the auction failed still be .20?? Only a moron would take that bet(Pro, SBG, CSWFT etc). The bonds hit new lows(8's) after the auction and they are above common in the food chain, so what does that say about common holders?? MORONS!
    Anyhow, its great to have Pro back. I loved how he called everyone a MORON and threatened to sue, but in the end the egg is ALL over his face. He still had the balls to come back with NEW valuations tho! Just like a Wall Street analyst! A true MORON!

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