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  • proforkodak proforkodak Mar 18, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    YOU are Entitled to YOUR opinons, but YOU are NOT entitled to your OWN FACTS....

    RATIONAL people CHANGE their opinions based upon the FACTS at hand.

    ZEALOTS and other LOSERS refuse to accept REALITY even AFTER the FACTS have become public info.

    LOSERS blame others for their mistakes.

    LOSERS refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions.

    NOBODY is perfect, and EVERYONE makes mistakes.

    ONLY losers attack repeatedly even after the other person has ADMITTED to making a mistake....

    ALL those who NEVER make mistakes PLEASE EXPOSE YOUR TRUE NAME to the WORLD!!!

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    • You did more than make a mistake - you called everyone morons and idiots because they refused to see the picture using your cherry-picked facts your way. You had no concept of risk management nor would you brook any opinions offered that were contrary to your (now we know) erroneous conclusions. You were vituperative and dogmatic and wrong, and made an enemy out of darn near everyone. You overestimate yourself, and your analytic abilities by leaps and bounds. Any good investor has to evaluate BOTH sides of the coin and evaluate risk. You were more myopic as all those you insulted with that epithet. You are a #$%$ poor analyst and unpleasant to boot. You have to now concede there is a chance of some recovery of the common stock. Do you really think $5 billion in NOLS are going to be #$%$ away?

    • dude noone is gunna claim they don't make mistakes, but most of us don't go around polluting the internet being a generally obnoxious fool and have such INCREDIBLY bad timing while being a jerk