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  • mattglassman6363 mattglassman6363 Mar 29, 2013 5:23 PM Flag

    Pro4Kodak and his lies and deception and foolish ALIASES's

    What a loser this guy is. Has he no decency? I mean could he possibly pump his position any harder? What is his motivation? This guys is the punchline to the newest joke in town. Go ahead and pin the tail on this clown. Funny how the man talked people into buying millions of shares and now does everything in his power to root against those same people.
    Most people who have led their friends and perhaps clients astray would feel bad about it. Not this tiny little man. Nope, Proforkodak is such a loser that he roots against these same poor people(who decided to hold shares) that he has raked over the coals. Now when the stock goes up, he is angry at these people? Does he wish them success? Nope. He wents common to fail. He wants them too fail. Why, because if it does not he has to answer a million questions. Risk being sued into obliteration. This man cannot just crawl into a little hole somewhere. Most people that have lost every shred of credibility and dignity run and hide. Not this clown, he is gonna spend every little breath bashing this stock only this time he has to have aliases to help him out. Aliases Pro? Really???

    He is a selfish loser that only cares about himself. His arguments change to support his current bond position. I dare anyone who even remotely thinks this man has a shred of credibility to ask others when the last time he was right. The answer is never. In fact, when this loser said the stock would hit zero people bought millions of shares. Why? Because he is ALWAYS wrong. And now rather than letting people make their own decisions and weigh the facts as they know it HE, THE MAN WITH MORE EGG ON HIS FACE, THEN 30 DENNY'S DINERS COMBINED, has to resort to bashing the stock 24/7. He even has to resort to new aliases to try and get his point across.
    Everyone on this board needs to do their due dilligence. Please don't be CONNED by some loser who calls himself a PRO who is in reality a deceitful despicable loser with a horriffic track record.

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    • Glass for brains, Everyone makes mistakes.. Decent people admit to their mistakes. I only post what I believe to be the truth. I do NOT make up BS to pump or bash. I do NOT try to manipulate others with lies.

      If YOU believe to have never made any mistakes in life, then you are delusional, or a liar.

      I do appreciate intelligent opposition to my views.

      You have to come this MB from KOOL AID land to try to PUMP and influence others... which is born out by your delusional belief that "rooting" will change the reality of Kodak's situation.

      Maybe a bunch of screaming loons could affect a player in an athletic event, but such buffoonery will NOT change the FACTS related to Kodak.

      It is sad that you spend the time to attack an alias on a yahoo MB, and to try to blame them for your mistakes.

      Yet, you have ZERO ability to understand the FACTS, and ZERO ability to offer an contrary opinion of the facts.

      Seeking to influence others is what you people do on the circle jerk MB.

      And G forbid if anyone tries to point out that drinking the KOOL AID, and then spooning each other will only lead to a Jones town type disaster, you ban them from posting.

      Kodak shares recently traded above most of the average prices (except the few weeks before the patent disaster) since they filed ch.11.

      So, YOU and the rest of the KOOL AID crew have NO excuse for NOT getting out!!!

      Blaming me for your investment mistakes, is only something to be expected of a TRUE LOSER.

    • Glass for brains, Kodak is NOT a sporting event. Rooting is meaningless. And I am NOT rooting.

      You and I and others were wrong about the DI patent sale.

      Just because a bunch of GREATER FOOLS are buying Kodak stock does NOT change reality of this situation.

      You people from the KOOL AID MB are pathetic.

      Just because the shares went up does NOT mean anything.

      The shares went up dramatically before the DI patent auction... Obviously Google/Samsung and Apple/MSFT had already struck a deal to collude, and the buyers of the shares were wrong.

      The same thing is happening again, except that there is NO more potential for a multi billion $$ sale...

      Which is why the UN secured bonds are NOT moving up.

      You can "ROOT" around with all the others playing WHO IS the GREATER FOOL, but it will NOT change reality.

      Nobody forced you, or any of your moronic friends to invest in Kodak.

      So, trying to blame a guy on a yahoo MB for your mistakes is simply PATHETIC!!!

      Except the reality like a man, and not like teenage girl.

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      • "Except the reality like a man, and not like teenage girl."

        Excuse me, but did you graduate from high school?

        The word is ACCEPT.
        Not "except".

        Perhaps watching nearly $8 MILLION DOLLARS go down the drain has impaired your grammar?

      • Pro,

        I don't blame you for anything. You were born a loser and will always be a loser. I blame the people in your life that made you a dispicable lying pos. You have no clue what you are doing and that has been proven over and over and over again. You think that you have all the answers to everything, The fact is when it comes to Kodak you have always been wrong always. That is a fact. So when you sign on with alias after alias and try to sway people to sell their common perhaps you should add this disclaimer: I HAVE NEVER BEEN RIGHT ABOUT THIS STOCK BEFORE EVER.

    • This stock seems like a great buy all the way up to a couple of bucks!
      Feb. MOR shows improvements in all sectors!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • So you think the smart investor will not figure out the one time $5-10B patent sale that materialized to be 0.5B is one time FOOL'S GOLD?
        Or do you know of another $0.5B patent sale to prop up March numbers?
        Or are you predicting that EK will create a positive bottom line for March based on product sales!!!!
        Keep hoping for that miracle BIGGEST LOSER - HAHAHA!!!

        Remember where you heard it first - this PPS is going to ZERO as EK exits BK!

    • This guy Pro is a real life numb nuts...
      I have never seen anything quite as pathetic...
      This EK issue is some low hanging fruit...
      I for one am a buyer!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Reverse Cramdown could be in pro's future. Good luck with your illiquid bonds bro!

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