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  • arcticfax arcticfax Apr 10, 2013 10:57 PM Flag

    Kid still is betting on a Ch7

    Kid still thinks ALL of the "inflated" liabilities have to be reconciled for EK to exit CH11 reorganization...
    Kid, that was a crazy awesome wager....very "risky"...(waiting on a CH7)
    I think you are a bit cosmopolitan...detached..esoteric...and dumb as a rock.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • kidkodak Apr 11, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

      Arcticmoron, what makes you so positive that liabilities are subject to compromise??
      that only means common is certain to be worthless you imbecile! you think a claim holders is going to take
      a haircut so common can retain value?? Dude, you are clueless.....

    • Chaper 7 is a sure thing and has been so for along time. EK is far to deep in Liabilities and debt but worst, they have no products that are not burning cash. The Bk court will force EK into Chapter 7 by June. Those are what the FACTS show not an opinion.

      • 1 Reply to superbowl6wins
      • SuperBowels...your friends Kid and ProVic are just risky dumb gamblers, but you sir are a bald face liar. EK did over 4 Billion in revs last year, of course you already know that liar liar. If liar's pants actually did catch on fire, your rear end would be so hot, you would never have to pay for a bikini wax again!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy