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  • stockboardguy stockboardguy Apr 17, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    How Those Bonds Doing Jagoffs!? LOL!!!! Down To .11 Cents!

    The Bonds are like hot potatoes, lol!!

    No One Wants Them!!

    I can hear it now:

    "Hey, you want these bonds? No I don't want these bonds!!! Hey do you want these bonds? Heck NO, I DON'T WANT THOSE BONDS!!!

    Lets Get Pro, Kid, Golden and Roger!!!

    They buy anything!!"



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    • kidkodak Apr 17, 2013 9:35 PM Flag

      if noboday wants bonds then how can common have value???
      Explain your stupidity. It defies all Logik. And he's one of your morons.......

    •'s nice to have a true investor join us on this board..!
      You strike me as the kind of guy with a certain investing prowess.
      I have a robust and growing position in the commons...very happy there!
      Do you see an entry point into the unsecureds... at say...under 5 cents..?
      Or do you think I should just steer clear of this risky bond issue ...?

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      • 1 Reply to arcticfax
      • Hi Arcticfax,

        Nice to have someone recognize true talent for a change.

        I would steer clear of the bonds, unless of course you wanted to invite some of your friends over for a bond fire.

        Ya know it has already been proven that bonds make the best timber.

        I hear that Kid, PRO, Golden and Roger are going to combine all of their bonds in a 1 night gala!

        I heard they are going to make a bond fire so big, that you can see it from space!

        Stick with the stock, the upside potential is MASSIVE from here!

        Good luck!


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    • There will be value left in the bonds.... we are just trying to determine how much.

      But, there will be ZERO for your shares.

      SBG, You are hilarious in expressing the complete opposite of what is happening with Kodak's securities.

      The stock is trading millions of shares a day with one pumper selling to another, until the music stops...

      Which will be when the POR being filed on April 30th.

      Meanwhile the bonds are barely trading at all.

      The last trade of $ 1 million round lot was in the 7% bonds on April 11th at 14.25 .... 3 days after the Draft POR was released to the advisers.

      There is a huge spread in the bonds, especially for odd lots.

      People who owns very small pieces are probably not privy to a leak..... If there are any leaks, they will be to largest holders, who have close contact with the advisers.

      Many of the top creditors are now restricted until the POR is filed on April 30th, since they are involved in the final negotiations.

      After all my numerous posts warning you and the rest of your clueless crew, you will not be able to blame me for your losses......